Zuckerberg Puts Its Claws in Brazil: Bolsonaro’s Son and Hundreds of Thousands Banned From WhatsApp

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

You have to understand Jews, Bolsonaro can be pretty scary.

Altruistic Jews are not meddling in your elections, silly goy, they’re making sure everyone plays by the rules.

The Guardian:

The politician son of the far-right favourite to become Brazil’s next president has been evicted from WhatsApp amid allegations that his father’s push for power has been turbocharged by an illegal fake news blitz on the Facebook-owned messaging app.

“There are no limits to this persecution! My WhatsApp, with thousands of groups, was banished OUT OF NOWHERE, without any kind of explanation! I demand an explanation from the platform.”

Yes, the goyim need the Ministry of Truth to tell them what’s fake news and what isn’t.

One of Brazil’s top newspapers on Thursday claimed Brazilian entrepreneurs were bankrolling a multimillion-dollar campaign designed to boost Jair Bolsonaro by inundating WhatsApp users with messages undermining his leftist rival Fernando Haddad.

There’s no way goyim would use the Internet itself, memes, and even WhatsApp, to fight for their candidate, no. It has to be a paid operation.

Jair Bolsonaro has rejected claims he was involved in the fake news campaign, calling such allegations fake news. “We don’t need fake news to fight Haddad. The truth is more than enough,” he said in a Facebook live broadcast on Thursday night.

This is true.

Your average subamerican leftist.

There’s no need to make up anything about leftists. You can just observe them and write about what you see, and if you have a camera, just record what they say and do. They produce so much hilarious material everywhere that any accusation about “fake news” coming from them is just silly.

One of the most outlandish lies being peddled involves the bogus claim that, as São Paulo’s mayor, Haddad equipped schools with so-called “mamadeiras eróticas” (erotic baby bottles) with penis-shaped teats in an supposed bid to fight homophobia.

Oh, come on.

Is that really something they wouldn’t do?

You know what they’re capable of.


If people don’t want to receive WhatsApp messages from some number, they can just block it. That option has been there from the start. If you don’t want to receive any more messages from someone, you block them.

There is no need for WhatsApp, the company, to get involved and decide what numbers to block.

Jews love to use everything they can to social-engineer the goyim, but when the goyim want to use the same tools for good, tears start flowing.

This has to stop.

We have to get their claws out of our data.

Bolsonaro has to ban Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and everything owned by Zuckerberg as a start.

He could get a deal with the Chinese to get an adapted Weibo version for Brazil. Yeah, in an ideal world, your people’s data wouldn’t be in foreign hands. Jews or otherwise. But at least until Brazil develops its own social media platform, cutting a deal to use Weibo would be way better than continuing to feed the Jew social-engineering machinery.

He could also go to the Russians to see if they can set up a VK version for him. Literally anything but the Jews would be an improvement.

We have to remove these Jesus-killers from the stuff we use.