Zuckerberg Has 70+ Personal Guards, Spends $10 Million Each Year in Security While He Shills For Open Borders

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2019

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg slammed Trump over building a wall and controlling immigration?

Remember that he also built a fortified bunker inside his walled home?

He currently employs more than 70 personal security guards and Facebook spends $10 million dollars each year for his protection.

Good old “do as I say not as I do.”

Daily Mail:

As Facebook struggles with the backlash from issues ranging from privacy to disinformation, much of the vitriol has been aimed at the social media giant’s headman – CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Security threats against Zuckerberg seem to be a major concern for Facebook, as the firm has set aside a whopping $10 million each year for the Facebook boss’ executive-protection team, Business Insider¬†reported, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The $10 million budget not only bankrolls a 70-plus person security team, but is also reportedly used for a ‘panic chute’ and a bulletproof conference room, among other things.

While it remains an unconfirmed rumor, many Facebook employees claim Zuckerberg has access to a ‘panic chute’ located in the floor of a bulletproof conference room located next to his office desk.

The chute reportedly leads to the parking garage underneath Facebook’s Menlo Park, California headquarters and is designed to get the CEO out of dodge quickly in case of an emergency, according to Business Insider.

The panic chute may not be the only protection built into the office itself.

No one is allowed to park their car in the garage space below Zuckerberg’s desk for fear of car bombs and other safety risks, Business Insider said.

And whether he’s inside the offices or not, Zuckerberg is tailed by an intimidating group of security guards.

Zuckerberg has armed security outside his gated homes in California’s Bay Area, all of his doctors are screened beforehand and he’s driven everywhere, according to Business Insider.

Security guards also serve as a buffer between Zuckerberg and any angry employees.

Guards sit at the front of company-wide meetings and there are often plainclothes guards situated in the crowd, Business Insider reported.

They also guard him near his desk, which is designed in the same open plan as the other desks in the office.

‘If you’ve ever been close to his office, you’ll see there are big burly people sitting there staring at screens,’ a Quora post reads.

‘They pretend to be software engineers but everyone knows they are security guards.

‘Once I was there at 7 a.m., and tried to take a picture of his office (he was not inside) to send to my family, but immediately, 3 of the men came seemingly out of nowhere and asked me to delete the picture,’ the post continues.

Some may think he needs the protection because he’s very rich and people may want to kidnap him, rob him, or worse, and they’re right.

That is the case.

But that is also the case for America. America is very rich and people want to come in and take our stuff, and they are doing that right now. Invaders are breaching our borders and leeching us.

It’s also the case for any white country.

We’re getting invaded and we’re told that it’s okay and that we’re supposed to just accept it by people who live in fortified houses and command small personal armies.

Fuck them.

We are going to defend our land and we’re going to defend everything we have, no matter what these rats say.

We worked for this. Our ancestors worked for this.

It’s ours.