Zoomer Partisans Hack School’s WiFi, Sabotage Indoctrination for Entire Week!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2019

You’d think we’d have more hacking stories in the Cyberpunk dystopia future that we’re living in.

But no, these are rare.

And this story is a gem.

CBS Local:

A hacking scandal has rocked a New Jersey school district.

Two tech-savvy teenagers are accused of disabling their high school’s Wi-Fi system. Police said they did it to get out of tests, but now they’re facing charges.

Police are calling what happened at Secaucus High School illegal, but also ingenious.

They said two 14-year-old boys — ninth graders — were arrested last Thursday for hacking into the school’s Wi-Fi, making it impossible for teachers to give any tests or teach any lessons that relied on the internet.

It was all the talk at the school Tuesday.

Let me get this straight.

Niggers waltz in with knives and guns and drugs on a daily basis and they’re given a slap on the wrist because it’s important to keep dem in skool. But when two budding geniuses show off their technical know-how and pull a fun prank that probably helped the students – forced the teachers to crack out the books and go old school for a week – they get arrested? 

For what?

For literally being too cool for school?

Apparently, this was more than just changing the password by logging into A Chinese cyber expert says it was a deep hacking DDoS conspiracy.

“It’s possible that they used an app or paid somebody online to do this for them,” CNET security reporter Alfred Ng said. “There are services like this available online.

“Basically, since so much data and signals to the school’s Wi-Fi network that it can’t handle all this information and basically shuts down or jams,” Ng added.

The school said the system is back up and running. The students were charged with computer criminal activity and conspiracy to commit computer criminal activity. 

More like conspiracy to have fun.

Also, not really sure I believe they didn’t just change the WiFi password and confuse the diverse staff.

From the names cited in the article, it is clear that this school is a diversity basketcase. This is also hinted at by the over-reliance on technology. The best schools are always the most trad as well. You get wooden desks and old teachers reading old books in front of chalkboards.

You better believe elite boarding schools aren’t a bunch of powerpoints and iPads.

In fact, buying every student an iPad is a program for niggers, and even in normal public schools, it is only the nigger districts that get the free iPads.

Technology is always used as a crutch to bring up test scores in failed school districts. Probably because of the influence of Teach For America program Millennials, these schools think that they can WONK their way out of the problem.

But obviously, they can’t.

The main point here though is that the hackerman kids did nothing wrong.

Unless you go to a solid (read: 70% or more) White private religious school, you’re not learning shit anymore. You’re being indoctrinated and demoralized and that’s about it. Frankly, I think hacking the school’s WiFi is a far healthier outlet for the kids’ boredom than shooting up the school.

Schools need to come up with creative outlets for Zoomers, lest they turn to terrorism for teh lulz.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.