Zone Formerly Known as CHAZ Gets a Law Office with Hippie Human Rights Attorney

As you are aware, the government of Seattle has allowed Antifa to take over a large section of their downtown and turn it into a hippie commune. For some reason.

Now, they’re evolving into a brilliant civilization, with a lawyer and everything.

Also, they’ve changed their name from CHAZ to CHOP. For some reason.

Fox News:

There are many questions surrounding what will happen with the “autonomous zone” now called Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) established in downtown Seattle. Fox News spoke to Michael Withey, a human rights lawyer and longtime Seattle activist, about CHOP’s purpose and how it has developed over the past week.

“I don’t speak for the leadership. I only have gone there as a legally trained person in human rights. But I think it’s going to be there for a long time. As the mayor said, ‘it’s going to be a summer of love.’ That’s what I hope it is, but it’s the summer of struggle. It’s the summer of education,” Withey told Fox News.

It’s about education, you see.

We need every white person to learn just how guilty they are.

Withey has been at the forefront of all major Seattle protests since the ’70s, including the 1999 WTO protest, the 1972 Beacon Hill school occupation and more. A few days ago he was given approval by the CHOP General Assembly to set up CHOP legal, a table within the zone where he can advise protesters on their legal rights.

I talked to the General Assembly, we met and got the approval to get a CHOP legal table set up in the area. We’re trying to recapture the soul of America. And I think it’s important because we’re creating institutions of popular power. Like, for instance, the CHOP Legal, like the General Assemblies. We have breakout groups every day that are discussing how do we want to go about educating our youth,” he said.

We think a new regime should be established, which is based upon the fundamental principles of human rights, of racial and social justice. And that would include the idea that once we, let’s call it, reconstitute the police, there’ll be no more need for the militarization, will be no more need for the police guild that has acted as a brake on any reforms in the city for a long time. Rather, community service officers from the community will be able to keep order.


“Reconstitute the police” is a good term for the entire goal here.

As I explained, what they are planning to do is replace the cops with Antifa, and others from social justice university departments.

The fact that they’re rolling out old hippies to help with this might seem funny at first, but if you think about it a bit more, it stops being funny.

The Choppy Boys have come to a deal with the city to reduce their size.

Pretty cucky if you ask me. They should be trying to EXPAND, no?

Fox News:

The city of Seattle and protesters occupying the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” have reached an agreement that will remove temporary roadblocks and replace them with concrete barriers, Fox News has been told.

The Seattle Department of Transportation is installing concrete barriers in the middle of Pine Street, running East and West, which will split the road for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This will allow for emergency service vehicles to pass through the area.

The agreement will reduce the area protesters previously called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, from about six or seven city blocks to just three. This is the first time in weeks traffic will be able to pass by the shuttered East Police Precinct.

Yes, they’re working very well with the authorities.

It’s almost like this entire thing is a hoax.

The way they just walked right in there and took it.

Antifa claims to be fighting the power, but somehow, the only thing they ever do is beat up working class people on the street for thinking they have a right to have their own opinions. When it comes to dealing with the actual authorities, they get on swimmingly.

This image is so very funny to me.

“Enjoy your stay” with the masked black.

It’s poetry.