Zombie Latinx Bitch Who Murdered Colored Gentleman While He was in His House Eating Ice Cream Convicted of Murder

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2019

Well, this bitch really did deserve it.

I didn’t even realize she was charged with murder, I thought they only brought manslaughter charges.

But it was OBVIOUSLY murder. That nigga didn’t do nothing.

This is why we need to outlaw women cops and outlaw women owning guns.

The Guardian:

A Texas jury has found Amber Guyger, a white former police officer who shot a black neighbour in his own apartment, guilty of murder.

Guyger fatally shot Botham Jean in his apartment in Dallas on 6 September last year. The 31-year-old claimed she parked on the wrong floor of the complex by mistake and entered Jean’s flat, thinking it was hers.

In emotional testimony last week, Guyger said she shot the 26-year-old because she thought he was an intruder and feared for her life. She was fired from the Dallas police department and indicted on a murder charge.

The jury had been sequestered because of the high profile of the case. Jean’s death was widely covered in the media and prompted protests in Dallas against police brutality and racism.

Cheers erupted as the verdict was announced. Someone yelled: “Thank you, Jesus!”



In a hallway outside the courtroom, a crowd celebrated and said “black lives matter” in raised voices. When the prosecutors walked into the hall, they broke into cheers.

Jurors spent several hours deliberating on Monday, the seventh day of the trial, and continued on Tuesday. They had to decide if Guyger had a valid defence under Texas’ so-called “castle doctrine”, a stand your ground law. Judge Tammy Kemp controversially ruled on Monday that it could factor into their deliberations.

The law allows for the use of deadly force in self-defence by civilians on their property. Guyger’s lawyers argued that she thought she was in her home when she killed Jean and sincerely believed her life was under threat.

lol “stand your ground” in someone else’s house.

I guess they had to argue something.

A prosecutor, Jason Fine, told the jury the “castle doctrine” should not apply: “It protects homeowners against intruders – and now all of a sudden the intruder is trying to use it against the homeowner.”

He described much of her testimony as “garbage”, arguing that it was absurd for a trained police officer to miss numerous signs in the complex that she was one floor too high, and that Jean, who was unarmed and settling down on his couch to watch television and eat ice cream, did not represent an urgent deadly threat.

She’s garbage.

Heck this bitch.

Your tears won’t get you out of this one!


First time ever I’m on the side of a black guy who isn’t named “Jesse Lee Peterson.”

Actually to be honest with you, when it comes to Latinx-on-black violence, I’m probably going to usually take the black side.

Black people are superior to Mexicans. They might be more violent, but at least they’re not part of a concerted agenda to conquer us and take over the country.

I honestly expected Latinx female cop privilege to outweigh black goodboy privilege.

Some justice, at least.

Next bitch should think twice before becoming a BIG MAN by going to cop school.