ZOMBIE…Knife…Attack in London in Broad Daylight – Another White Londoner Gets “Khanned”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

This is very startling news. Everyone knows that London is a safe city. Haven’t you heard that knives and zombies are banned?


Terrifying footage of a cyclist threatening a motorist in London with a huge zombie knife and attempting to smash a car window in broad daylight has gone viral.

CCTV footage shows the man kicking at a blue Volkswagen on a busy south London street before he pulls the massive blade out and attempts to attack its 19-year-old driver.

The cyclist attacked the car after it had sharply pulled out in front of him. No arrests have been made after the incident on Wednesday evening, Scotland Yard said.

The most heavily surveilled city in the world and yet no arrests were made.

What in the world are all those cameras for then, I wonder?

Also, I continue to be disappointed with RT.

This is the image that they used for the article.

The zombie-knife wielder wasn’t White.

Really, I shouldn’t be surprised. RT is run by a bunch of chicks and Armenians.

It’s not even their fault per se.

It’s practically impossible to hire anyone interested in journalism that isn’t a liberal. The problem is baked into the cake. There are no conservative journalism schools that I am aware of.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind taking over RT’s operations and actually making the network relevant again by covering the travails of right-wing dissidents in the West.

But my staff would be all shitlib by default.

This year’s NYT’s training course graduates 

I’d have to fire them all and outsource the labor. Only racist Asians would be allowed on my staff. That and a few token neon-nazis who know how to write. I would have the most diverse writing team in the biz, tbh.

Anyways, just another day in the life of the average Londoner, I suppose.

I wish I could feel sympathy for them, but at this point, this is the future they chose.