Zionist Shill Rex Jones Claims Israel is Not Evil and That There are No Evil Jews Except for Ben Shapiro and George Soros

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2019

Rex Jones.

The Zionist shill Rex Jones, son of the Zionist shill Alex Jones, is greatly upset that people are calling him a Zionist shill. He issued a formal response to these accusations on Twitter.

He is claiming that Israel is not evil and that it is the only free nation in the Middle East. He further added that there are no “evil Jews” except for Ben Shapiro and George Soros. He insisted that them being evil has nothing to do with them being Jewish.

Obviously, Rex is lying. There is a direct correlation between evil and Jews, and there are many more evil Jews besides Shapiro and Soros. Nearly every evil agenda that’s being implemented in the world today is a direct result of Jewish involvement.

As we have discussed often, the reason why his dad Alex Jones was banned off of all the big social media sites was because Jews demanded it.

It is a fact that Jews have been at the forefront of the Internet censorship agenda. Jews literally control Facebook, YouTube and Google, which comprise an enormous portion of the digital public square. They also control all the major corporate media outlets in America.

But the evil of Jews goes far beyond Internet censorship and propaganda.

The endless wars in the Middle East have been a result of Jewish neocons lobbying for wars that benefit Israel.

Jews have been at the center of flooding White countries with millions of third world savages.

Jews have been behind a wide array of gun control initiatives.

The Jewish Sackler family has been a major player in the opioid crisis.

The child tranny show “I am Jazz” is Jewish.

The list goes on and on.

Yet Rex claims there are only two evil Jews alive today and that them being Jewish is just a coincidence. This is a totally inaccurate and false claim. If he doesn’t want to be called out as a Zionist shill, he could easily fix that by simply telling the truth about the Jews. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s going to carry on the legacy of his shill dad, who has spent his entire career exploring every weird conspiracy imaginable except anything that deals directly with Jews.