Zionist Maniac Dan Crenshaw Gets Into Twitter Spat with Paul Joseph Watson!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2019

Make no mistake about it, the sadistic homosexual Paul Joseph Watson is trying to hijack our revolution for his own promotional agenda, just like MILO.

That said, if they’re doing something that benefits us, let them do it.

And Watson is now doing something that benefits us.

He called out Crenshaw for his claim that people who don’t support Israel do not deserve First Amendment rights, something which he said at a Texas event on Tuesday night.

To be clear, Crenshaw explicitly said that anyone who supports BDS doesn’t deserve freedom of speech.

He was asked:

I want to thank you for your distinguished service to this country.

Congressman, just this year, after a 2017 version of the law was blocked by a federal judge, Texas passed a law that still requires certain contractors to sign a pledge that they will not boycott Israel. The state of Florida has also passed a law outlawing the mere criticism of Israel. Representative Crenshaw, on May 9th of this year, similar legislation was even attempted at the federal level, when the House Appropriations Committee sought to amend a routine government funding bill, to allow federal agency to compel contractors to promise not to boycott Israel as a requirement of maintaining their relationship with the US government. Congressman, despite our unique and historic alliance, these laws are obvious, flagrant violations of the First Amendment and free speech.

Given that when you entered office you swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, my question is this: will you honor your oath, and denounce these laws here now and forever, or do you agree with Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbot that the First Amendment should only apply to Americans who support Israel?

And he answered:

You’re advocating for the First Amendment – no, you’re cloaking yourself in the First Amendment [questioner protests, is spoken over]. I will presume your intentions. I will. Cuz I know who you guys are. And here’s the problem with the BDS thing. When you create a movement to boycott and divest and sanction the one Jewish state, just because they are the one Jewish state, there is a deep problem with that. That is anti-Semitism manifesting.

Watson then wrote an article (copying my own work, by the way – no hard feelings on that), and tweeted it:

Crenshaw today responded to Watson directly:

I understand that these people are in full-on damage control mode, but I just can’t begin to grasp how this made any sense. Surely he has an entire team of Jews plotting his course through the Groyper War AKA Groyper Crusade.

Watson then responded to Crenshaw:

And that was a solid response.

This is all very straightforward.

Of course, Watson had to follow up with a “I love Israel AND the Jews” affirmation tweet – just to make sure it was clear that he only cares about principles.

But that’s whatever – if anything, Watson being the rabid kikesucker that he is makes this sting even worse for Ol’ One Eye.

What the hell is he doing?

Are these people just completely freaking out?

Screaming “ANTI-SEMITISM HOLOCAUST DENIER MUH VALUES MUH PRINCIPLES” is not going to get them out of this.

Their only way out is a full-on retreat and to just try to cover it all up – I mean, I guess.

It means that none of them will be able to appear in public again.

Because I mean, let’s be real here: even if Gorka and the Orcas succeed in kicking Nick off of Twitter and YouTube, they’ve still got a massive problem on their hands. Nick can get 9,000 live viewers on Dlive. This site you’re reading has nearly 200,000 daily readers.

There is no way to just completely silence everyone.

In these situations, I always imagine I am on the other side, brainstorming on how to deal with things.

Shutting down the video feeds for the Crenshaw events was exactly what I would have done.

Replying to Watson is the exact opposite of what I would have done.

Needless to say, the responses to Crenshaw were not favorable.

You can go check – it’s only a couple of Jews supporting him.

Otherwise, it’s a lot of normies who might not have ever even thought about any of this before.

I think these people legitimately have not yet grasped the fact that boomers are old and out of the game, and that no one else believes their blasphemous bullshit about the state of Israel “fulfilling Biblical prophecy.”

And without that blasphemous bullshit, Israel is just another country, and it is bizarre to watch American politicians publicly putting the interests of that foreign country before the interests of America.

I think they should walk it back some, personally.

I think they should say:

  • “Israel is an ally, but of course we put the interests of America first.”
  • “I don’t know all of the details about the USS Liberty, but I am willing to look into it.”
  • “I do think that Israel has lobbied heavily for their interests in Washington, and we should look into where these interests might conflict with our own, and work with Israel to do what we can to help them, but make sure we are taking care of America first.”
  • “I believe that the First Amendment is sacred, and though I don’t support BDS, we can’t go overboard and compromise Constitutional rights in order to punish a few bad actors.”

Of course, that wouldn’t completely solve the problem, but it would pull them up out of damage control mode, and get them back into the game.

But the thing about those four statements and any like them: they are not allowed to say those things.

Dan Crenshaw, Charlie Kirk, Matt Walsh – these are not real people. They are absolute tools of the Zionist Jewish establishment and the big money that it represents. All they can do is what their owners tell them to do, and their owners are never going to tell them to “cut the kids a little slack, be reasonable, don’t come across as a villainous agent of a foreign government trying to trick people.”

And so this Groyper War will simply continue to intensify, indefinitely.