Zionist ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Sends Hateful Twitter Harassment to Black Woman

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2018

Everyone hates social justice warriors, but they spawn from somewhere.

The truth is, the most virulent and hateful SJWs are really J-E-Ws. That, or they are mentally ill trolls emboldened by ruthless New York power Zionists like the Anti-Defamation League.

We don’t have the resources to sue the ADL for its campaigns of intimidation and cyber-bullying, so they get away with it. Justice in America is only for the wealthy.

Not long ago this organization published a long dox of people they politically disagree with and want to hurt or ruin.

Included in this hit list weren’t just overt opponents of Jews, but even people who are just mainstream Donald Trump supporters. Even the president is too afraid of these Jews to demand they stop this behavior.

Ask any given person on the ADL’s bad goyim list what came soon after, and they will all tell you that death threats, vile messages directed at their families, employer termination, and even acts of violence against them or people they know soon followed.

Rather than banning Greenblatt and the ADL from social media, they have managed to take it over. They now control what can and can’t be said on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Now a black woman who made a very innocent comment about Hitler in a little known publication is being given an ultimatum by Zionist infiltrator Greenblatt to “apologize” or else!


On Wednesday (Jan. 24), Erykah Badu caused a stir on social media after her controversial comments surfaced about finding the “good” in Adolf Hitler.

In an interview with Vulture, Badu labeled herself a “Humanist” and cited Hitler’s “terrible childhood” as a reason for her empathy. “I see good in everybody. I saw something good in Hitler,” Badu revealed to interviewer David Marchese. She also spoke about Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrkhan and how her admiration for him in some areas doesn’t mean she agrees with everything he says and does.

Johnathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, caught wind of Badu’s comments and sounded off on Twitter. “Erykah Badu, I read your interview in @Vulture, and I have a few thoughts. First, you are ignoring the plain facts about Farrakhan: It is well-known that he is a virulent anti-Semite & racist. Don’t believe me? Click here,” tweeted Greenblatt, who redirected users to a 2015 piece written by the ADL denouncing Farrakhan. “Second, I also like to think that there is good in all people, but Hitler is pure evil. I don’t care if he painted or was a vegetarian; Hitler is responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews & a war that claimed the lives of tens of millions. Shame on you for downplaying that.

To close out his response, Greenblatt pointed out his disappointment in Badu as a role model and urged her to issue an apology for his statements. “You are a role model to many, and as such, you should immediately apologize for these irresponsible and misguided comments,” he wrote.

Earthworm Greenblatt and his cabal of Lanskyite thugs think they have the right to decide people’s personal life philosophy. Badu’s comments were the polar opposite of “hate.”

But this isn’t about civil rights or politics, this is about power. The Anti-Defamation League’s first principle is not just preserving Jewish supremacy, but also stamping out even the tiniest ember of nuanced thinking.

The ADL wouldn’t care if you humanized a child molester or a serial killer or a mass murderer like Winston Churchill. In fact, Jews do that all the time in the media, academia and through Hollywood.

Even the very act of trying to understand Hitler the historical personality is shut down by these Jews. That’s because they know Hitler was right.

It’s all circular. Stop looking abroad for tyranny, if you are in the West you are living in the greatest dystopian nightmare mankind has ever seen. It’s only going to get worse unless people stand up and shout back at the Jew by name.

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