Val Koinen
Koinen’s Corner
July 23, 2013


I have to admit it — this Zimmerman thing is starting to get to me. Every day in reports of the mainstream media we see more insanity — more raw exposure of ignorance and/or stupidity, social savagery, and anti-White racism on the part of the Black race-hustlers and mobs, self-hating White hyper-liberals (Negro worshippers and race traitors), and high-level government officials. And that is on top of all the outrageous nonsense that was dished out leading up to Zimmerman’s trial and during the trial itself.

The Black reaction to the ‘not guilty’ verdict, as stirred up by the likes of Trayvon Martin’s seemingly perjurious parents, their shyster lawyer Ben Crump, race hustler and riot-inciter Al Sharpton, and our mutated-government mulatto twins Eric Holder and Barack Obama; and as a result of the misrepresentations vehemently regurgitated every day by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media; is, by all standards of rationality and decency, outlandishly ignorant and wrong on so many levels.

Key elements of this bizarre episode as it has unfolded thus far:

George Zimmerman was acting properly — even admirably — being a helpful citizen and neighbor. If there was any profiling going on by Zimmerman, it was totally rational, reasonable, and proper, in light of all the recent burglaries in the area that had been committed by young Black males. Actually, testimony of the charming and convincing prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel made it clear that it was Trayvon Martin who was doing the racial profiling.

Zimmerman legally defended himself against what was almost certainly an unprovoked, brutal, felonious attack by the would-be hoodlum Martin.

Month after month ever since the shooting, the portrayal of Martin in the press has been distorted, deceitful, and dishonest. He was not a diminutive, angelic twelve-year-old. He was tall and lean, and a strong fighter by training and disposition. He was a drug user and probably an owner and/or dealer of one or more guns (illegal firearms, considering his age). He had been suspended from school multiple times, apparently for drug use and fighting. He had been caught in possession of a probable burglary tool and multiple items of women’s jewelry of unexplained origin.

Then there was the Martin family/Sharpton/Jackson media circus that put pressure on the State of Florida to belatedly charge Zimmerman after the local police had declined to do so because their investigation established that the shooting was indeed an act of self defense and due to their decision that there was no probable cause for arrest and insufficient evidence to convict him of a crime.

Nevertheless our presidential pretender Barack Obama, who self-identifies as a darkie rather than as an American, weighed in with this comment: ‘if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon’ (apparently intended to stir up the Blacks and influence the malicious prosecution of Zimmerman).

All along the way there was a concerted attempt to smear Zimmerman as being a racist (when in fact he once took a Black girl to a prom, mentored Negro children, and is part Negro himself).

Zimmerman never should have been charged and tried in the first place. It is no secret that Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed State’s Attorney Angela Corey to bring charges against him by way of appeasing the Black rabble. Then, Corey violated the law and professional standards of conduct in charging Zimmerman (including, among other things, by sidestepping the standard procedure of taking the case to a grand jury) (see preceding posts below). This was a political prosecution pure and simple. Malicious prosecution; more akin to persecution. A Soviet-style ‘show trial’ (except for the outcome, which unfortunately for the powers-that-be, didn’t end as they hoped and expected).

Then there was the disgustingly despicable performance of the prosecuting attorneys at trial who based their case almost entirely on numerous outright lies; blatant appeals to emotion as opposed to factuality and reason; their repeated unprofessional histrionics including their constant repetition and oftentimes screaming of filthy language; and their maliciously and falsely accusing Zimmerman of racist motivations.

Through all of this the press and then the prosecution at trial continued to portray Martin as an innocent, helpless, preyed-upon and frightened child (all utter nonsense) (including, the way they tried to hide his real physical size and strength, his thug mentality, and his record).

Essentially all of the trial evidence of substance — mainly forensics and eyewitness testimony — corroborated Zimmerman’s account and his innocense of any wrongdoing. It was clear that Martin attacked Zimmerman, inflicted grievous injuries upon him, caused him to fear for his wellbeing if not for his very life, and forced him to shoot in self-defense.

Then, thankfully, we got the entirely correct, proper, and legal verdict of ‘not guilty.’

Immediately following the trial and the not-guilty verdict, Ms. Corey defamed Zimmerman’s character and the justice system she is sworn to uphold by calling Zimmerman a ‘murderer.’ And then the always rabidly anti-White racist, Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking before an assemblge of Negroes, referred to the shooting as ‘unnecessary’ (far more than a mere mischaracterization — an outright lie, as proven by T. Martin’s established actions the night of the event and by the verdict). (Again, comments that were apparently designed to stir up the Black demonstrators and rioters?)

Now, for a week running and just as predicted, we have the hyped-up Negro protests and demonstrations and even some relatively low-level rioting. Of course, the people involved believe the distorted accounts that have been fed to them by the press; and of course, their outrage is fueled by the comments of their ‘halfrican’ heroes Obama and Holder. And of course, far too many of them lack the intelligence to, or are just behaviorally and tribally disposed to refuse to, understand what went down in the trial and the legal correctness of the verdict.

Then Sharpton and Jackson jumped back in, and enlisted the help of Attorney General Holder, who made a big deal of resurrecting a Justice Department investigation in an effort to fabricate a case so the Feds can try Zimmerman for civil rights (‘hate-crime’) violations. Never mind that an extensive FBI investigation had already been completed that turned up zero evidence of any ‘racist’ motivations or actions on Zimmerman’s part. And as usual, the Negro rabble-rouser and charlatan Al Sharpton is there, front and center, on the wrong side of truthfulness, factuality, reality, and decency (ref. his past performances in the Tawana Brawley and Duke Lacrosse (non)rape cases). Apparently it doesn’t bother him in the least that his batting average is now .000.

Now, Obama still seems to be laboring to do all he can to stir up the Black mobs by publicly commenting that what happened to Trayvon Martin could have happened to himself 35 years ago.

Holder and Obama are now spouting off about ‘re-evaluating’ (doing away with) ‘stand-your-ground’ laws when they know, or should know, that the Zimmerman case had little or nothing to do with stand-your-ground. It was a clearcut case of self-defense (Zimmerman was punched and dropped to the ground and beaten). It wasn’t a matter of him standing his ground, because once he was assaulted by Martin he never had the option to retreat or escape).

Before and during the trial, and before the verdict came down, social media were full of illiterate comments posted by Blacks saying that if Zimmerman was not found guilty they would find and kill him, or at least attack random White people. And we are now shown news photos every day that depict Negro mobs holding up placards and signs that openly advocate the revenge killing of George Zimmerman. (Oddly enough, though not all that surprisingly, we don’t ever see any of those people being arrested for making those illegal threats.)

And then we are subjected to all the tripe about Blacks — and especially Black children — being profiled, followed, and otherwise singled out and treated unfairly or even beaten or killed by White racists and police; when the reality is that in the real world of America’s streets and neighborhoods and shopping centers the Negroes are, many times over and on an everyday basis, the perpetrators and aggressors against not only Whites but their fellow Negroes as well, in all areas of violent criminal behavior (and thus well deserve to be watched, profiled, suspected, and feared).

And then Martin’s parents take their show on the road to try to stir up more Negro civil disorder and to try to force pro-Negro legal and social change on the country via mob action. So we have Black mobs blocking traffic, destroying property, and attacking, beating, even killing Whites over this non-miscarriage of justice (when the reality is that T. Martin got exactly what he deserved in the circumstances, and that’s ‘justice’).

Another thing worth remembering — all this is going on in light of the incontrovertible fact that the only bright spots in this sorry episode, beyond Zimmerman’s successful defense of his person (his life) after being attacked by a Negro thug; are (1) the exemplary performance of his attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West, and (2) the not-guilty verdict rendered by the six good women of the jury.

This entire ‘justice for Trayvon’ fiasco is all 180-degree ass-backwards. It is ridiculous. It is insane. It is infuriating. And it is hugely damaging to our orderly Eurocentric society, our justice system, and our natural right to protect ourselves from Negro savagery.

The question is: when are we Whites going to put our collective foot down and make it clear to everybody — government, law enforcement, the media, our communities, the Negroes, etc. — that we have had enough of this lawless anti-White racist behavior, that we are sick and tired of all this savage nonsense, and that we are ‘mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore’? Or maybe the better question is — are we ever going to do that?