Zimbabwe Normalizes Single Motherhood by Making It Illegal to Expel Pregnant Women from School

The cultural transformation of the third world continues.


Zimbabwe has made it illegal for schools to expel pupils who get pregnant, a measure women’s rights campaigners said would help tackle gender inequality in the classroom and stop many girls from dropping out of school.

A legal amendment announced last week seeks to reinforce a 1999 guideline that was patchily implemented, and comes as school closures due to coronavirus raise fears of a rise in sexual abuse and unwanted pregnancies.

Many parents of pregnant girls, or the girls themselves, decide to quit schooling due to the pregnancy, and schools do not always do enough to encourage them to stay, officials say.

“I’m expecting every parent and guardian and everyone else to understand that every child must be assisted by all of us to go to school,” Cain Mathema, the education minister in charge of schools, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Monday.

“Every child whether boy or girl … has a right to go to school in Zimbabwe,” he said.

In 2018, 12.5 percent of the country’s roughly 57,500 school dropouts stopped attending classes due to pregnancy or marriage reasons – almost all of them girls, according to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education statistics.

This no doubt seems like a small issue, but the cultural effects of normalizing single motherhood should be obvious.

Why should you care?

Well, you should care because this is a cultural transformation being forced on them by the West through NGOs, government lobbying and other underhanded methods, and it is part of a larger agenda that has nothing to do with deep concern for sluts.

Here’s the situation:

  • The goal of the elite of the West is to create a single world government
  • The first step was to destroy the culture of the West through promotion of atheism and sexual degeneracy
  • The biggest step was to normalize flooding white countries with brown people
  • The final step is to bring the cultures of brown countries up to speed with the West

In Thailand and Lebanon, for example, we are seeing political revolutions.

In Africa, however, they don’t need a political revolution, because their governments are helpless and corrupt. They instead simply need progressive cultural revolutions.

That is what you are hearing about with all of these stories normalizing degeneracy in the third world. Every day, you hear about some brown country normalizing some form of Western degeneracy.

Just recently, we heard about Kenya creating “all female” teams of forest rangers.

We’ve seen over the last three years a total upending of the culture of Saudi Arabia, where feminism is on the rise quickly and they are having Western style rap music events.

This will allow for the entire world to be integrated into a mixed multitude of godless sexual degenerates, while the world is ruled over by a central government in Jerusalem.

This is all happening very rapidly under the veil of this virus lunacy.