Zimbabwe: Monkey Priest Drowns Sheboon During Baptism Because He Thought She was a Vampire

Daily Stormer
April 20, 2018

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Daily Mail:

A Zimbabwean pastor drowned a woman during her baptism because she ‘appeared like a vampire’, a court has heard.

Masimba Chirayi, 37, appeared at Harare magistrate’s court on Thursday charged with culpable homicide in the death of congregant Wendy Thinnamay Masuka.

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Chirayi denied intentionally drowning Masuka, saying he kept her underwater because he feared she had become possessed.

‘In my eyes she was like a vampire possessed by demons, she was violent and I thought she was going to kill people,’ New Zimbabwe reported.

‘I kept her submerged in water until I overpowered her.’

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Chirayi was released on a $50 bond and is due back in court again next month.

He is an apostolic preacher at the New Johanne Masowe church, which is the largest religious sect in Zimbabwe.

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Belief in the supernatural is widespread in Zimbabwe and the government officially recognises the existence of supernatural powers.

In 2006 minsters lifted a colonial-era ban on practicing witchcraft, though said it should not be used to harm another person.

Shortly before Robert Mugabe was ousted from power by now-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, he accused his former deputy of practicing witchcraft on him.

Our equals appear to operate by some very different political paradigms than we do.

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