Zim-Zam Sentenced to Life in Twitter Prison After Getting Cucked by Haji

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2015

Welcome to Twitter prison, George. We've been waiting for you.
Welcome to Twitter prison, George. We’ve been waiting for you.

Proving that no man is safe from the haji cuckolding menace, the Zim-Zam was recently cucked by a haji.

Yes, dear friends, that greatest of exterminators of Black lives, has been flim-flammed by a dirty slut and her haji.

He took down the top criminal Tray-Tray… only to be taken down by a filthy whore.

Tray-Tray went out for Skittles and ended up bullet-riddled.
Tray-Tray went out for Skittles and ended up bullet-riddled.
He put Tray-Tray six feet under... then a haji stole his thunder.
Zim-Zam put Tray-Tray six feet under… then a haji stole his thunder.

Zim-Zam responded quite reasonably to the flim-famming, posting nudes of his GF on Twitter, plus her phone number.


Bizarrely, instead of egging him on and being like “LOL bro post more noodz george!!!!” Twitter instead suspended his account. He was later permanently banned.

And that’s for life.

Now, even the cops are breathing down his neck in the name of this filthy slut and her bastard child.

Orlando Sentinel:

Seminole County deputies are investigating whether a tweet sent from George Zimmerman’s account constituted harassment of an ex-girlfriend.

The woman had filed a report with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in late September, saying Zimmerman was sending inappropriate and harassing text messages to her and her 10-year-old son, sheriff’s spokeswoman Kim Cannaday said.

The woman had dated Zimmerman for a few months, and broke up with him in September, records show. A few days after the break-up, the woman told deputies he started texting her and her son.

He called her “inappropriate names,” deputies wrote in their report, and told her son that his father does not love him, records show.


That’s the Zim-Zam for ya!