Zika is Back: And This Time It’s Personal!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2017

Remember your favorite immigrant disease of 2016?

Well, it’s back!

Enriching you once again!


Florida’s first sexually transmitted Zika infection of 2017 has been discovered, bringing the statewide number of cases to 90. The mosquito-borne fever has no vaccine, and infected babies may suffer lifelong disabilities, among other symptoms.

The Florida Department of Health confirmed the finding Tuesday. An individual in Pinellas County was exposed to the Zika virus through sex after their partner returned from a trip to Cuba. The partner fell ill with the common symptoms of the virus, according to health officials.

Cuba is currently listed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as one of the countries with a Zika travel risk. This is the second confirmed sexually transmitted Zika case in the US.

With potential local transmission of the virus in mind, mosquito control authorities have taken the necessary actions to eliminate mosquitos in the area of Pinellas County where the infection was reported.

A total of 1,456 cases of Zika were reported in the US in 2016, with 1,100 being travel related, 285 being locally acquired and the rest being undetermined in source, according to Florida health officials.

Much is still unknown about Zika fever – a relative of dengue, West Nile viruses and yellow fever. Researchers do know that the virus is transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitos, via sexual contact with an infected person or from a mother transmitting it to her fetus via the placenta, according to the CDC.

Many people when they speak of enrichment focus on the more obvious forms, which some have argued are negative: the rape, the murder, the car crashes, the terrorist attacks and the overwhelming economic burden.

People forget the diseases create unique mutant babies.

Zika, we hope, will some day bring us a whole new generation of totally equal and totally enriched humans.

After all, there is no difference between a Zika mutant and someone with a normal sized head. Both are part of the same race: the human race.

The Zika Generation even have their own theme song: “I got a smallhead, motherfucker, and I’m coming for your medicaid,” a rap song by the first Zika micocephalic rapper, Needlemouth.

Bigots initially felt that the “smallheads” were showing hostility towards normal-headed people, who the beloved “Zika Trap” artist often threatens with rape and murder, but social science professors have explained to the public that this is just a way for them to express their unique cultural heritage which has been defined by oppression by “ballooners.”

Full Lyrics


Yousa small head
Isa small head
We brothers in headsize, big heads all gettin played
We be botta show dees balloon skulls what we do with medicaid

[verse 1]

I got a head like a pea and a dick like a horse
Your bitch be starin at my pea head say she want a divorce
Small headed motherfuckers run this whole town ragged
From day one your medicaid was a smallhead racket

[hook] [verse 2]

I pull up in my Escalade they see a smallhead bumpin
Stab a ballooner in his big head, he never saw my smallhead comin
I fuck dat ballooners bitch so hard she thinks it’s a bombing attack
Once a balloon bitch get a taste a da smallhead she ain’t never goin back

Ballooner think a smallhead is whack
Cuz they see they gettin jacked
Medicaid ain’t comin back
Put it all in my sack


Smallhead killas done playyyyed ya
A balloonhead ain’t even know what I’m sayyyyyin
It’s a smallhead world, ballooners just along for the ride
Your balloonhead bitch gettin raped, give her my smallhead seed
I’m just countin medicaid as I’m laughin at the sky
For smallheads to get they freedom, ballooners gonna havta bleed