Zhirinovsky’s Woke Take on Korea, Syria, Donbass and the God-Emperor of Mankind

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2018

I can’t believe I missed this woke take:

The executive summary:

Everyone talks about uniting the Koreas, German reunification before that, and the Kurdish question, but why are we not allowed to talk about the reunification of the Russian people?

That’s part one of what Zhirinovsky said. But let’s stop here for a sec.

That’s pretty fuckin’ based. Solzhenitsyn couldn’t have said it better. Both men seem to agree that Russia needs to regather her peoples. Solzhenitsyn wanted to go the route of Stolypin – the prime minister before the overthrow of the Tsar by Kerensky – a possible Anglo agent tasked with keeping Russia in the war against Germany instead of withdrawing.

I’m gonna drop some slav history on y’all from time to time cuz most of y’all is ignorant.

Personally, I think it could be cool if all Slavs united.

It would encompass three hundred million people. Now that’s superpower status.

But whatever, that’s a pipe dream. Especially with the Catholic slavs. Fuggedaboutit.

Anyways, back to crazy old uncle Zhirinovsky:

He talks about how Trump can basically end the Korean conflict, the Syrian conflict and the Ukrainian conflict if he so chooses. That it is within his reach. And that the meeting with Trump and Putin that must happen soon will decide everything.

The fate of the world, in fact.

And then he says that Trump might become a political dynastic family, with his son and others in his family ruling for generations.

The memes never lie.

The thing that you ought to know about this guy is that he tends to be right…given enough time.

And he’s actually given a platform on national television.

So that’s pretty nice, I hope he gets more hardcore as he ages and gives less fucks. Oh yea, and I hope he is right about Trump too.