Zero Hedge Banned from Twitter for Doxing Chinese Man Accused of Creating the Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2020

The account of the right-wing conspiracy and economics blog Zero Hedge was banned from Twitter this week.

I was hearing rumors on the internets that they were banned for posts surrounding the Coronavirus – specifically, posting the claim that the Coronavirus was manmade. Social media companies have already announced that they’re going to silence anyone who suggests that the Coronavirus could be anything other than exactly what the media says.

However, having investigated this a little bit, it seems that the actual fact is that they were banned for doxing a Chinese man they accused of creating that virus.

Several people pointed out that the suspension came after Zero Hedge published a piece entitled “Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon.”

I read the article and didn’t find it very convincing, but it would indeed be disturbing if a website the size of Zero Hedge was getting banned for this sort of thing.

However, Zero Hedge linked a second article which appears to be the source of the ban. An article entitled “Is This The Man Behind The Global Coronavirus Pandemic?” published the name and address of a Chinese scientist that Zero Hedge claims created the virus and encourages readers to spam call the guy and visit his lab demanding to know why he created it.

The evidence that this is the reason for the ban, rather than the other thing, is that the ban came down just two hours after Buzzfeed published an article condemning Zero Hedge for publishing this scientist’s dox.

From what I am able to tell, the theories being presented by Zero Hedge actually are just kooky conspiracy theories with no basis in reality.

It is easy to forget that kooky right-wing conspiracies do actually exist when you constantly see the media referring to things you know to be true as kooky right-wing conspiracies. In your mind “kooky right-wing conspiracy” can become a euphemism for “obviously true thing that the Jews are trying to cover up.”

But I do not think that Zero Hedge’s evidence for the “HIV insertion” claim is sound, and their claims about the Chinese laboratory inventing this seem to be totally baseless. They’ve basically just said that there is a virology lab in Wuhan, so it must have come from there.

The theory that Coronavirus is a Chinese bioweapon has been promoted by a lot of people on Twitter, including the anti-communist (and pro-coomunist) Twitter personality Kathy Zhu.

However, Zhu appears to simply be accusing the Chinese government of this because she doesn’t want them to take away her bat soup. She says the PRC is “blaming the people” by telling them that it might not be safe to eat bats.

Furthermore, Zhu is promoting gay men adopting children, which further indicates she has little understanding of how disease is transmitted.

It has been a bannable offense on Twitter for right-wing accounts to dox people for years now, so I’m not sure what Zero Hedge was thinking.

They might have been thinking that they didn’t publish the dox on, so it was okay to link it there. I am actually not sure if right-wingers have previously been banned for linking a dox or if it has up to this point only been a bannable offense to post the dox directly onto the site.

(And before “oh but antifa isn’t banned for doxing” – yes, we all know that. Antifa runs doxing accounts and publishes everyone’s dox and suffers no consequences. However, Twitter admits that they have different rules for right-wingers, because right-wingers disagree with the government and antifa supports it. This is basically just saying that the government doesn’t allow them to ban antifa accounts because they’re run by the police. It is pointless to continue to talk about “but the double standard tho.”)

I personally think that it is likely that the virus was manmade, though the fact that it appears, in its current incarnation, to only affect Chinese people, makes it seem unlikely that it was designed as a weapon by the Chinese.

At the current time, it is totally possible to design viruses that only affect a specific race. And it seems to me that the Chinese would be designing viruses that affect whites, not viruses that affect Chinese.

So when I see Zero Hedge and Kathy Zhu promoting the “China did this to themselves” theory, it strikes me as helpful disinformation for the CIA, which I believe is the most likely culprit in the release of this disease.

On the other side of that, I am also against the bat soup theory being promoted by Paul Joseph Watson and other neoconservative homosexuals.