Zero Dark Freedoms: “Illegal Bar” Shut Down in Brooklyn

You have less freedom than the Russians had immediately following the Bolshevik revolution.

Fox 5:

Authorities raided an illegal bar in Brooklyn over the weekend and found nearly 300 people inside.

New York City Sheriff’s deputies went into the bar on 61 St. in Borough Park at 2 a.m. on Sunday and found 281 people inside.

They say the bar had its liquor license revoked in 2019.

Among the patrons was a child, authorities said.

Along with having too many people inside, the bar only had one exit if there was an emergency.

They didn’t meet code because they are forced to operate in secret because we’re living in the most oppressive society that has ever existed in all of human history!

It’s worse than the Holocaust!

It’s a hoax!

Nothing is happening in Sweden, where everyone goes to the bar openly!

There are no problems!

This mania is all fake!

Donald Trump needs to go out there and start saying that this is bullshit, and that if he’s elected, he’ll let people make their own decisions.

He could get a bunch of young people who are just sick of this virus mania to go out and vote for him.

I’m serious.

If he just brought up this specific news story and was like, “this is bullshit, people have to have some kind of freedom, you can’t just declare bars illegal,” he would get a huge section of voters.