Zeiger: Debate Training (Islam, BLM)

Daily Stormer
December 23, 2016

New show series, goys!

As nationalists, we all need to reach out to the people around us to spread our ideas and assert leadership over the normies.

So it’s important that we sharpen our rhetoric and build confidence in our arguments, our tone of voice and our general delivery.

I want our people to start engaging in regular debate practices like this. I’ll be doing these “sparring sessions” with various people, both from my local nationalist entourage, and with people from the internet scene.

I hope you enjoy!

Also, if anyone from the Daily Stormer community wants to do debates with me like the ones in the podcast, I’ll be happy to do it too. You can also send me specific arguments you’d like me to cover, or other questions you’d like my input on, and I’ll cover it on my show.

This show will be done on a weekly basis.