Zambia: Mob Brings Wakandan Justice to Villain Who Turned into a Crocodile And Killed a Fisherwomyn

Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

And to think, that evil neo-Nazi Klansman Trump actually thinks places like this are “shitholes.”

How can people with such a keen sense of justice not be perfectly equal to us in every way imaginable?

In fact – I dare say they’re better than us.


A 36-year old man from the Luapula province of Zambia ended up being lynched by an angry mob for allegedly committing a murder after turning into a crocodile, according to Zambia Reports news website.

The incident reportedly occurred on November 28, when residents from three villages “mobilised, brutally murdered and buried” Musenge, who allegedly “turned into a human crocodile” and killed a 20-year old woman when she went fishing.

Good for them!

I wish White people were capable of such swift and decisive action against the evil among us.

The authorities, who were alerted by Musenge’s sister, arrived on the scene after the deed was already carried out and are now investigating the incident with the assistance of several locals, a deputy police spokesman reportedly said.

Ah, another remnant of colonialism and White supremacy interfering with the superior, orderly form of Afrikan justice.

Earlier in September, two Nigerian men were arrested by authorities after they murdered a police sergeant and plucked out his eyes in order to make themselves a magical charm which was supposed to render them invisible.

It saddens me to see that Afrikans have internalized White supremacy to such an extent that they’re literally oppressing their best and brightest, and stopping them from innovating in new Vibranium-powered invisibility technologies.

If it weren’t for Afrikans giving us science and writing and architecture and peanut butter and all those other marvelous creations, we would literally still be fagging up caves in Europe instead of being where we are now.

And we wouldn’t even know about it without the hard work of this brave Jewish scholar

And instead of thanking them for the blessing of civilization, what did we do?

We enslaved them, colonized them, lynched them, called them mean names…

When will the hatred ever end?