Zakharova is Making a List of Countries That are Mean to Russia (???)

I don’t understand what a “mean people list” does for Russia, exactly.


Moscow is putting together a list of unfriendly nations and the US is “obviously” going to be on it, the foreign ministry has revealed. The blacklist is in response to the recent unfriendly moves by the Americans and their allies

Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained on Sunday that work on the schedule of states considered to be hostile began after “another round of unfriendly actions by the US.

“What are those unfriendly states? The list is being compiled now,” she outlined in an interview with the Rossiya 1 TV channel.

“As you understand, and I can confirm it, the US is, obviously, present” on it, Zakharova said, without naming any other countries involved.

In accordance with a decree recently signed by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the states that are declared unfriendly “won’t be able to hire Russian citizens to work at their diplomatic and consular missions,” Zakharova added.

The Kremlin should really get Zakharova out of this role, and replace her with a man who is tasked with presenting logical arguments to Western audiences in easily digestible sound bites.

Russia has a very good argument that all they want is to be left alone, and the US military and NATO are aggressively bullying them as part of an agenda to basically conquer the country.

On the other side, most Americans and Europeans do not feel particularly threatened by Russia, so it shouldn’t really be a tough sale to tell Westerners that the US government is completely unhinged, and that this war they are planning will only benefit the elite.

This continued refusal of Russia to simply reach out, via sound bites, and make their case, is totally confusing. What is the point of a “list of people who are mean to us”?

Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that he loves the American people and American culture, and does not believe that the Washington establishment represents us. That should be the point that the entire Russian diplomatic corps focuses on hitting, over and over again.

Putin’s instincts are always good, and the Russian diplomatic mission complex should follow these instincts.

I liked the small dicks tweet.

That was the first time a hammer has really met a nail in terms of good international PR in a while.

(People were confused by “small dip energy,” but it was a reference to shrinking the diplomatic envoy. It’s a quirky Russian attempt at English wordplay, and is endearing.)

Russia has the much stronger position here in terms of logic, reason and what is good for all parties (other than the globalist elite). They need to do a better job playing that up.

If Zakharova can’t be fired, someone needs to be giving her better direction.

There is a good chance that if Russia made a real and serious attempt to point out how devastating and pointless a war would be, normal Americans would really start pushing back against this agenda. Maybe ZOG would go ahead and carry out the war anyway, but they would be openly doing it against the will of the people.