Zahra Schreiber: We’ve Got Another Pro-Wrestling Nazi on Our Hands

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2015

Zahra Schreiber
Zahra Schreiber

To the greatest distress of allegedly everyone, we’ve got another pro-wrestling Nazi on our hands.

Zahra Schreiber, a heavily tattooed whore who was apparently working for WWE in some capacity, has been fired for attempting to fire up the gas chambers.

She posted pictures of a My Little Nazi on her instagram.

Pure evil.
Pure evil.

She also has a Nazi eagle hanging in her room, and posted pics.

Posting this one in particular is really, really funny. Read what she writes. She actually seems like a funny person.

A tumblr devoted to exposing the evil racist behavior of celebrities called “Ruining everyone you love forever” has given a bullet-point list of other crimes against PC she’s been involved in.


Being the obviously dumb bitch that you can see from her photograph, she of course apologized for her evil acts.


Ousted WWE Diva Zahra Schreiber is taking full responsibility for the Nazi photos that resulted in her firing from the WWE, but she wants it to be known … she’s “in no way, shape or form an anti-Semite.”

Schreiber, the girlfriend of WWE star Seth Rollins, responded to her firing by apologizing to anyone who was offended by the old photos … one of which featured a “My Little Pony” in full Hitler garb … and admitting the images were “insensitive and in poor taste.”

Schreiber says her interest in the Holocaust stems from a relative that took part in the movement to end the Nazi occupation of Germany. She says she’s also visited the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany and posted a photo showing “how disturbed I was by the entire place.”

She ended her apology post by saying, “Everything I’ve worked for and dreamt of is gone. In an instant, I lost it all … I hope those I’ve offended can forgive me. All I can do now is learn and move forward trying to be better every day.

Obviously everything is gone, so why not do the obvious thing and continue to push forward and be like “yeah, I think Hitler is a pretty cool guy and doesn’t afraid of anything, so what?”

That would have gotten you a) a whole bunch more publicity and b) the potential to possibly become romantically linked with top neo-Nazi White supremacist sex symbol Andrew Anglin. I mean, he doesn’t usually date girls with neck-tattoos or breast implants, but he might have at least texted with you, maybe met up for a drink.

Looked better before the implants. But still. Neck-tattoo.
Looked better before the implants. But still. Neck-tattoo.

Now what are you going to do?

You are literally going to have to work at a strip club or 7/11. They won’t even let Nazis do hardcore porno. And I don’t even know if 7/11 hires people with neck-tattoos, and if the SPLC finds out you’re working at a 7/11 they will get you fired and probably close your PayPal account for good measure.