Yugoslavian Civil War: Episode V: The Serb Strikes Back!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

The whole Balkans situation is confusing AF.

So far, I’m leaning towards Serbs dindu nuffin’.

Also, I’m going to make a controversial claim here.

I think Serbs are more based than the Poles or the Hungarians. Shit, I think they’re more based than even the Russians.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish for a Yugoslav civil war type scenario to unfold in America and Europe.

And I want to be the iconic Adidas Serb sniper in that fantasy.

I love the look, not going to lie. 

Versatile, warm, stylish and athletic.

This is how I would want to spend the civil war dressed. Shit, I wish I could dress like that right now.

Need to stop hanging out with the fancy folks before I do that though…


This time around, Russia’s not ZOG’s little bitch. This time around, the Serbs have big brother Russia on their side again.


Days after placing the Serbian military on high alert over a border incident with Kosovo, President Aleksandar Vucic is visiting Moscow to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

While Vucic said the situation with the incursion of Kosovan commandos would be part of the discussion with Putin, the Kremlin stressed that the visit had been planned months ahead and was not directly linked to tension in the Balkans. Vucic last visited Russia in May during Victory Day celebrations and, before that, in December last year.


Cue the kvetching from the people who still have not learned their lesson about Russia.

No one predicted Russia going into Syria. Few predicted Russia sending S-300s to Assad. Russia doesn’t have the luxury of telegraphing her next move to the world.

Shit’s heating up. Russia’s going to have to play ALL its cards soon.

Last Saturday, dozens of Kosovan troops entered a predominantly Serb enclave in the north of the self-proclaimed republic, seizing several industrial sites. The incursion, which violated agreements between Belgrade and Pristina, was justified by security concerns during a visit by Kosovan leader Hashim Thaci. Serbia protested against the move and put its troops on high alert in response. 

Translation: The CIA-backed Moslems are starting shit up again.

And believe you me, I’m trying to figure out what the situation is there right now, trying to make sure that I can give you dat insider info on the situation.

Because something tells me that this is yet another potential flashpoint that could become a real war.

Lots of shady stuff’s been going down ever since Serbia had to bend the knee to NATO.

The conflict over the incursion may have since calmed down, but the potential for any such incident to escalate into outright violence should not be underestimated, according to RT political analyst Aleksandar Pavic. This is especially the case since it happened amid attempts by Vucic to negotiate a deal with Kosovo, which is not recognized as a sovereign nation by Serbia and Russia. His willingness to change that has little support at home, and Russia clearly said that it will only back a decision that is approved by the Serbian people.

Translation: this Vucic fellow is a satrap cuck for the EU/NATO.

If a deal emerges, “Serbia will be crippled and divided within, because most of the Serbian public is against the partition,” said Pavic. “It is a very delicate issue for both the Serbian president and the Russian president.”

Also, he added that if the status of Kosovo as a sovereign nation is consolidated by Serbia’s recognition, the likely result would be Kosovo becoming part of Albania, a NATO member, and Moscow sees NATO as hostile to Russia. 

There you go. THAT’S the plan.

I smell another war on the horizon. And this time, I hope Russia sends S-300s to Serbia, to let it play it out FAIRLY. 

I also hope the Serbs are taking volunteers. This coming conflict is a more clear-cut and less messy than Syria, Ukraine or some of the other recent flare-ups.

Clear moral lines here. You want to talk Fremen and warrior-races conquering the whole planet, look no further than Serbia.

Few know this, but the Daily Stormer is the world’s #1 supporter of total Global Serbian World Domination! 

Because, personally, Serbia is literally everything that I want in my ideal future ethnostate.

Hot women, tracksuit-wearing bros that don’t give a fuck and a simmering ethnic conflict in the background to keep me occupied on the weekends.

We CAN’T let a CIA-sponsored Moslem terror state continue to grow and metastasize in Europe. And the Russians don’t want to let it happen either.

Team-up time???

Anyways, I smell a big Happening coming up soon. Gonna keep my ears to the ground on this one, lads.