You’ve Already Got Venezuelan Boat Migrants Drowning – Time to Send in the NGOs!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2019

So, this is happening now.

The Guardian:

More than 30 Venezuelans are missing, feared drowned, after their boat sank attempting to reach Trinidad in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The fishing vessel, Jhonnaly Jose, had left the port city of Guiria but capsized in rough seas near the uninhabited Patos Island, 3 miles (5km) from the Venezuelan coast.

The boat’s official manifest recorded 25 passengers, but sources say additional passengers boarded unlogged. Most of the passengers were women.

Nine survivors have been found by the Venezuelan and Trinidadian Coast Guards. Two, including the captain, Francisco Martinez, were found clinging to floating oil drums as daylight broke over the Gulf of Paria. The stretch of water that separates the Caribbean island from the South American mainland is just 7km at its narrowest point.

Venezuelan authorities released the names of 23 people confirmed as travelling on the boat, all aged between 17 and 28. Most are likely to have been fleeing the ongoing social and economic crisis. The accident happened at night on a popular route for refugees and migrants who pay traffickers to reach Trinidad. Passage costs $250 (£194), paid to boatmen who sail under cover of darkness, docking in quiet coves or jetties.

This is the beginning of a refugee swarm resulting from the massive sanctions the Trump Administration has put on the country.

Donald Trump is the new, fatter Angela Merkel.

All of this is going to repeat, exactly like we saw in 2015 in Europe.

I don’t even know if Trump’s Jew masters want to go to war with Venezuela yet – they are doing a great job just starving them out, which is going to lead to massive amounts of boat people, which will lead to NGOs going to pick them up and ferry them to Florida.

Then when the war finally starts, it will just go nuts, and people will have already been acclimated to the idea of huge numbers of these people flooding our country.

Fun fact: they can’t walk like the Central Americans are doing.

There is a thick jungle in northern Columbia/southern Panama that you have to be like, Bear Grylls to get through.

And even you were Bear GAYlls, you would have to hoax a bunch of stuff like he always does on his fake show in order to not die.

There isn’t even a dirt road going through there. For like, 200 miles.

So they’re going to be on boats, which means my sinking boats, which means my so sad because drowning, which means my NGOs just to save the innocent lives we have to pick people up a mile from the coast and ferry them all the way to Miami.

Great going, Trump.

Another brutally brilliant idea of a way to fuck your supporters in a way that no one else on earth could have ever imagined fucking us.

Donald Trump’s next book: “The Art of Figuring Out New and Amazing Ways to Fuck Over the People Who Gave Everything to Support You: Including 50 News Ways of Fucking People Over That No One had Ever Thought of Before Ever in History.”

Seriously, in what other possible way could this guy fuck us?

I would totally be not surprised if I woke up, looked at my phone and it said: Your New York Times Morning Briefing: Donald Trump is in your kitchen right now, urinating into your coffee machine. He brought an Orthodox Jew with him who is in your son’s bedroom masturbating.”