You’ve Already Been Sentenced to Prison, It’s Just a Matter of Whether They’re Going to Come Get You

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2020

With the continual evolution of consent theory, and each new version of the theory being implemented in court, any man can be sentenced to prison for any sexual encounter. If you’ve had sex with any woman in the last [whatever the statute of limitations for rape in your state is], they can come arrest you at any time and throw you in prison.

You can get thrown in prison for getting attacked on the street, as happened to members of the Proud Boys. You can be thrown in prison if people attack your car with bats and you crash, as happened to James Fields. You can be politically railroaded for supporting Donald Trump, and thrown in prison for a hoax, as happened to Roger Stone. You can be sentenced to prison for a mix of rape hoaxes and journalism, like Julian Assange.

There are now an infinite number of reasons that you can be thrown in prison for – reasons completely outside of your control, so effectively, you already have been sentenced to prison. The actual prosecution and sentencing is simply a formality and something that can happen to you at any time, for any reason.

If the state decides that they want to throw you in prison, there is nothing you can do about it. You can mount a defense, but they can simply decide they don’t like you, and there is nothing you can do about it. The government has men with guns who will simply kill you if you resist.

Given this new reality that we’ve been thrust into, where our sentencing has already taken place and it is just a matter of whether or not they decide to come get us, none of us has anything to lose.

So, don’t break the law and do your best to stay out of prison. But be aware that not breaking the law is in no way whatsoever a guarantee that they won’t decide to have you thrown in prison. And understand: you have absolutely zero control over whether or not they decide to do this to you.

This is all only going to keep getting more and more extreme. We are not even close to peak absurdity.