YouTube’s Jewish CEO Susan Wojcicki Angers Content Creators by Launching Her Own Channel

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2017

Susan Wojcicki is the Jewish CEO of YouTube. She is very attractive by Jewish standards.

If you are not familiar with Susan Wojcicki you should be. She is the Jewish woman responsible for destroying YouTube.

When Google first purchased YouTube, there was concern that they would eventually wreck the format that made the site enjoyable. As we now know, this was a very legitimate concern. Google has wrecked it by putting this awful woman in charge of the platform. The site keeps getting progressively worse with her at the helm.

YouTube like all the other big social media platforms, has gone out of their way to silence people who have opinions they dislike. They’ve done this through a wide variety of methods. Bans, shadow bans, claims of copyright infringement, age restrictions etc.. Their policy of demonetizing ads on channels that allegedly have “controversial content” has made it impossible for many content creators to make money off their hard work. These horrible policies have all been green lit by Wojcicki.

So with all the complaints that content creators have, the last thing you’d think Wojcicki would want to do is piss these people off further. After all, these people are the very backbone of what made YouTube successful. Amazingly, she managed to do just that by launching her own YouTube channel. The first video she uploaded is one of the most tone deaf and cringe worthy opening videos for a YouTube channel ever. It’s horrible and you should immediately down vote it and leave a negative comment.

The video shows a bunch of politically correct YouTubers offering her advice on how to make a good video. Let’s just think about that for a second. Why does the CEO of YouTube need advice from people on how to make a good YouTube video? If she needs this advice, it’s clear that she’s not qualified to run the platform.

The video also features a cameo from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to show how cool she is or something. It’s the most scripted, corporate crafted and fake nonsense one could imagine. Wojcicki only appears for a few seconds at the end telling viewers that she’ll be uploading more videos in the future.

Needless to say, the video has been savaged by the YouTube community. At time of writing the video has around 8,000 likes compared to roughly 49,000 dislikes. That is not a good ratio. That’s like female Ghostbusters tier stuff. Nearly all the comments have been negative. Many of them have asked why she is spending her time making a channel instead of fixing the horrible policies that have plagued the YouTube community. This is a very fair point and one that can’t be reiterated enough.

A normal person would have uploaded a video to specifically address the numerous concerns and complaints that people have. I know if I were running a platform like this and saw that a big percentage of my users were pissed off, I’d want to address those concerns immediately so people would keep using my platform. You can’t just upload a video like this and pretend like nothing is going on. It’s like throwing gasoline on a raging fire.

Since this woman is a Jew, it is doubtful that these thoughts ever crossed her mind. She probably thinks that the people complaining are the problem because she as a Jew can never do wrong. This is how most Jews think. Destroying good things is something that comes natural to the Jew. It is why wrecking YouTube has come so naturally for Wojcicki.

One YouTube comment poster described Wojcicki as a dumpster fire. This is definitely an accurate description of this terrible woman. There are numerous interviews of her on YouTube and they all reveal that she has no business running anything remotely close to the size of YouTube. She’s a very stupid woman who doesn’t even have any particular background or expertise in technology. The only reason she’s in this position is because of her Jewish family connections. Her brother in law is Sergey Brin one of the Jews who co-founded Google.

There’s no question that Wojcicki is going to make YouTube an increasingly miserable place for content creators. This stunt with her new YouTube channel is proof of it. She’s one of the main reasons why so many people refer to YouTube as JewTube.