YouTube Video Shows Kyle was an Aspiring Video Game Streamer

Kyle Rittenhouse had a couple of YouTube channels. The videos on it make him even more endearing.

In one from 2015, when he would have been 12, he says he’s planning to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

For those of you who don’t know, San Andreas came out in 2004. His piece of shit cocksucking single mother wouldn’t buy her 12-year-old son a modern gaming system and was forcing him to play a PS2 when the PS4 had already been out for 2 years.

If you want to know how you end up with a 17-year-old showing up at a violent black riot with an AR-15: it’s single mothers who live with their bastards in apartments, while they bring a string of men through the kids’ lives, and the kids have to lay in bed at night hearing their whore mothers moaning under yet another man.

Rittenhouse is his mother’s name as well, indicating that the father was gone before he was even born. I’m sure he was a totally different man when she screwed him than he was when he left. He changed! They always change! They’re like shape-shifters! And he tricked her! They’re so tricky, these men! How was she to know???

There is no creature on this planet or in this entire universe that is lower than the single mother.

Wait, no – there is one thing lower: men who marry single mothers. They are lower than single mothers.

The other channel has been deleted since I had the notion to post about it, yesterday. It featured him using guns.

He wanted to be a cop. Why?

Because his life had no order, because he was the son of an out of control whore, and he had the very logical desire to work to create order.

That’s a pure instinct. It’s the instinct that sent him to Kenosha.

God, I pray the bastards don’t send this kid to prison.

He was the best of us. Most kids of single mothers turn to drugs, or other vices; they embrace the chaos that they were born into. He did the opposite, but the chaos consumed him.

I think “aspiring gaming streamer” should be the white version of “aspiring rapper.”

This young man was going to church, he was in school, he was an aspiring gaming streamer, and he was a victim of black and leftist violence.