YouTube to Implement 1984-Style Edits on Thought-Crime Videos

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2018

Google: editing reality itself until it’s politically correct.

YouTube has been going on a censorship rampage, deleting or hiding every video that challenges their Jew bullshit. So now the only thing left is stuff they don’t like, but that carefully avoids violating their terms and conditions or being too “offensive.”

The solution?

Just edit in their Jew narratives to undermine the message of videos they disagree with.


For the average internet user, Wikipedia operates in the background, its 44 million entries serving as a priceless resource, rarely thought of until you need to know the capital of Azerbaijan. This week, however, Wikipedia’s volunteer editors and the nonprofit that makes its work possible, the Wikimedia Foundation, suddenly found themselves in the news, tasked once again with providing a ground-level truth for a platform unwilling to provide one of its own.

Wikipedia is about as kiked of an information platform as you can find. The initial concept was to allow anyone to edit the articles. But then, they had to put people in charge of maintaining controversial subjects to prevent non-stop edit wars.

Naturally, the Jews infiltrated this elite clique of editors and now have an iron grip on the site’s narratives.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has you covered on this topic, fam.

On stage at the South by Southwest conference on Tuesday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that her company would begin adding “information cues” to conspiracy theory videos, text-based links intended to provide users with better information about what they are watching. One of the sites YouTube plans to use is Wikipedia. “We’re just going to be releasing this for the first time in a couple weeks, and our goal is to start with the list of internet conspiracies listed where there is a lot of active discussion on YouTube,” Wojcicki said on stage.

In other words, they’re going to be adding in text boxes inside popular videos attacking the mainstream narrative. Those text boxes will contain links to Jew-approved articles that supposedly “debunks” the stuff in the video.

So there’s basically going to be an electronic Jew watching over your shoulder as you check out videos, interjecting when he doesn’t like what he’s hearing.

Thanks for the info, Schlomo.

The move came as a surprise—even to the Wikimedia Foundation. “In this case, neither Wikipedia nor the Wikimedia Foundation are part of a formal partnership with YouTube. We were not given advance notice of this announcement,” the organization said in a statement.

Lol, so Google is going to be Jewing Wikipedia out of their bandwidth – how fitting. Oh, but I wouldn’t worry, if Wikipedia is ever in serious trouble, I’m sure Google will sweep in and rescue them, as so many of their services are dependent on it.

Either way, its actually not very important what these articles being linked even say, nor is it important that the articles even address the points being made in the videos being edited. The idea is just to undermine their credibility with a big disclaimer saying “WARNING: THIS SHIT IS SUSPICIOUS AF! FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR A FACTUAL REBUTTAL!!!11”

Most people won’t even click the links, but the feeble minded might just think “oh, I guess this is bullshit then.”

It’s the same concept as sites like “Snopes,” which “fact check” various topics. If you actually bother to read their drivel, 95% of the time they don’t actually debunk anything or just make some stupid technical point. But just the fact that people can point to their article and say “oh, that was debunked by Snopes bro” is powerful.

Ultimately, I’m guessing this will be an effective method of censorship – for a while. Eventually, smarter people will catch on to the scam and these stupid edits will become a badge of honor and truthfulness, just as MSM counter-signaling is now a net positive in the eyes of most people.