YouTube Shadowbans PewDiePie for Two Days, Shows Him Who’s Boss

PewDiePie has totally backed off from political content and humor.

After they gave him enough shit, he just gave up.

But apparently, he hasn’t surrendered hard enough.


YouTube is trying to ease controversy over allegations that it shadowbanned its second-most-popular content creator, PewDiePie, but his fans said the company’s explanation didn’t match up with what they saw on the platform.

Pressed for answers as to why PewDiePie subscribers weren’t receiving notifications of his new videos and weren’t able to find his channel or content in searches, the video-sharing platform tweeted on Thursday that “YouTube doesn’t shadowban channels. It’s possible the video was flagged by our systems as potentially violative and needs to be reviewed first before it shows up in search, etc.”

But PewDiePie fans pointed out that his channel and hundreds of his most recent videos – comprising at least one year’s worth of content – weren’t showing up in YouTube searches on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Nah, you shadowban people,” one Twitter commenter said. “We all know it. Or maybe not, but if not, then why can’t we find your second-biggest YouTuber on your app?” Another critic mocked YouTube’s statement, saying, “A lot of people ‘didn’t do’ a lot of things in history, YouTube. You know you’re guilty.”

The issue appeared to be resolved by Friday afternoon US time, as PewDiePie’s videos were again showing up in searches.

Conservative author Mike Cernovich took the accusations against YouTube a step further, saying PewDiePie was shadowbanned because he had been discussing Christianity

It might have been because he was discussing Christianity. I haven’t seen that, but that makes sense.

But they were going to come for him eventually no matter what he did.

The true fact is: PewDiePie is going to be held accountable for things he already did. He will be brought to account for those things.

Jews do not ever forgive anyone for anything. There is no negotiating with them.

If you’ve ever upset them, you might as well just go ahead and devote your life to fighting them, because the only way you’re ever going to be free of them is if they are defeated outright.