“YouTube Rewind” Surpasses “Child Pornography” to Become the Most Hated Thing on the Internet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2018

Well, YouTube has finally won the crown for most hated thing ever on the internet with this year’s annual year-in-review “Rewind” video, ousting long-running champion “child pornography.”

Released on December 6th, YouTube has registered nearly ten million dislikes on this video.

That is rough.

People really, really hate this official production by the Google corporation.

Why do people hate it so much?

Well, I can’t say.

I can go ahead and show you what’s in it, and we can speculate.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning who is not in it.

This guy here:

Not in it. Again.

What is in it is…

Will Smith (the only person I recognized in the video):

A black man on a flying school bus:

A fat Chinese woman with blue hair:

A man with blue hair:

A woman and a homosexual with blue hair:

A frightened black female:

A fat blonde woman:

A black guy:

Two homosexuals:

This person:

Asiatic people eating foods:

A hysterical woman scientist yelling:

Asian people:

Homosexuals molesting a dog:

A cartoon (apparently representative of the Ku Klux Klan):

Said KKK cartoon doing a love dance with a black man wearing different colored shoes:

Late night talk show hosts (the only people who are not Will Smith that I recognized in the video):

A hidden chair:

A confused woman of color:

An Asiatic man with a white girlfriend with Down Syndrome and her happy father:

A homosexual man with a cat:


A black woman with cancer:

A Pakistani extremist:

A homosexual Pinoy with his latinx lover on graduation day:

A plastic surgery Asiatic female:

A fat white girl:

An Asiatic working mother:

A Syrian refugee child of Pakistani origin:

A Honduran refugee from poverty who followed his dreams:

An Islamic African woman with an Islamo Malay:

A harsh-faced 40-year-old ginger female:

Said ginger female’s posse:

A negro man with a sportsball:

Three flowered homosexuals in front of an orb:

A sign about Fortnite (Fortnite was not itself in the video):

Someone making a brick:

So apparently, people of the internet do not like one or more of these things.

Truly: it was the definitive “wild ride,” and most assuredly represents everything that our society is rapidly becoming. I am not sure that this level of hate being given to something that so fully embodies the direction of our society bodes well for those directing it in that direction.

It may well be that people would prefer if society was going in a direction that looked more like this:

But who am I to say?

I am only one man, and there are perhaps only 76,408,765 people who agree with me.

Hit the video at the top of the page and click “dislike” if you yourself do not like one or more of these things.


And remember: There can only be one.