YouTube Reinstates Gavin McInnes’ Account (It was All a Big Mix-Up)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2018

Is there anything sadder than a 50-something-year-old man trying to be hip? I’ll tell you, I’m not yet 35, and I have totally given up any pretense of trying to be cool and down with the kids. In fact, I’ve just skipped whatever “middle age” crap, and gone straight for “disgruntled old man.” 

The anti-racist and pro-Jewish activist Gavin McInnes, who led a merry band of interracialists called the Proud Boys before resigning after it was leaked that they were on an FBI terrorist list, has had his YouTube channel reinstated.

Apparently, although Twitter and various other platforms banned McInnes for being a “white supremacist neo-Nazi leader,” YouTube had banned him ostensibly for a copyright violation. And after this was cleared up, with the company who filed the report apologizing to him, YouTube eventually gave him back his channel.

This is probably not a big mix-up, like YouTube is claiming. What it appears is that YouTube – owned by Google – is taking a step back on censorship. Although I can’t say whether or not it is related, it is worth noting that this comes after Google CEO Sundar Pikachu appeared before Congress earlier this week to be grilled on political bias.

Banning Gavin was absolutely political bias, because as we’ve said a thousand times, he is most assuredly not a Nazi. He’s a normal mainstream Republican with some edgy views.

Look at this video he posted after he was being attacked as such, to show that he is not such – it’s all a bunch of Jews and black people, with him claiming that both groups are good and simply victimized by mythical “leftists.”

The fact of reality is that even if “racists” did not exist, in order for this paradigm of “fighting racism” to exist, people have to be called racists. Because it is the paradigm of “fighting racism” that allows for the shut down of free discussion and allows the government to flood us with brown people.

They have made Gavin McInnes, Sargon of Akkad, MILO and many others who genuinely believe in “classical liberalism” into “hate leaders” because they need more people to attack on these grounds. Their social system, like any social system, is defined by its contrast with that which exists outside of it, and without being able to point to those outside of it as being evil, they would be forced into open discussion, at which point their system would break down. Because it is simply incapable of defending itself from any form of inquiry.

Furthermore, they DO want to silence people like McInnes and Sargon, even though they’re not as concerned about them as they are about actual right-wing people. Because the system is supposed to be perfect, and they point out that it isn’t perfect, and you’re not allowed to believe that. Because they are claiming to be building a perfect utopia.

Google Taking a Step Back is Not Good for Us

McInnes also appeared on Nightline on Tuesday, which also might have something to do with this.

He argued that “white supremacy” doesn’t really even exist. I think this is true, but I might have a different explanation for that than him.

PAULA FARIS (ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT): Do you think white supremacy exists in the U.S.?

GAVIN MCINNES: Not to any measurable degree.

FARIS: What about Richard Spencer? What about David Duke? What —

MCINNES: Everyone always says those two.

FARIS: The KKK. And the KKK.

MCINNES: Everyone says those two guys and the KKK, let’s get them all together. You’re lucky if they fill up a living room.

Maybe this was good press, maybe Google decided to chill-out on him individually because of this.

But if this is the start of a response trend to the pressure from the government, a Google attempt to appear as though they are being more reasonable with their censorship, that is actually a bad thing in the longer run.

What we want is for them to go nuts with censorship. I have encouraged all of you to use your fake leftist social media accounts to demand people be banned. The further they get into just outright banning anyone who supports Donald Trump, the closer we are to regulation.

We need President Trump to be aware of the fact that basically no one who supports him is going to be allowed online, and we need a real form of Net Neutrality.

The libshits were obsessed with the last “Net Neutrality” legislation, claiming that it had something to do with censorship. It in fact had nothing at all to do with censorship, and was simply about forcing Comcast and T-Mobile to serve unlimited amounts of Netflix and YouTube without those companies having to pay them extra for the fact that they use the overwhelming majority of total internet bandwidth.

I’m not a Comcast shill, but the whole thing was simply retarded.

By stirring these people up, Silicon Valley was able to get people literally out on the streets protesting that a multi-billion dollar corporation should get a government-mandated discount from another multi-national corporation.

If Trump’s FCC used the term “Net Neutrality” and explained “this one is actually about free speech,” they could hijack the meme as they forced companies to allow free speech.

Then you would have to have these companies explaining why it is they don’t support free speech when they claimed they did for “Net Neutrality,” something which, despite the way it was advertised, had nothing at all to do with free speech.