YouTube Permanently Bans Ralph Retort! Everybody Getting Killed Out Here!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2018

After first removing his streaming ability, then refunding $27,000 Ralph had raised for a cancer children charity, YouTube has permanently banned Ralph Retort and all associated channels from the platform.

This move comes after the Gunfight at the O.K. Synagogue, an event that Jews are using to shut down anyone who disagrees with them by claiming that the gunfight was caused by people talking about things on the internet.

The operation was lead by the Wall Street Journal, and one particularly ugly gook named Yoree Koh. This is the same gook who is known to have eaten my dog.

She was writing an article about Ralph’s show, apparently with a plan to blame him for the synagogue shooting, and then he was banned from streaming. Then the charity money was refunded. Then the channel was just deleted.

The article was not even out yet, so this is all being done through backchannels.

The article has since been released, and it heavily cites the anti-free speech group “Storyful,” an antifa organization that uses Jew-sucking low-IQ Arabian turdmen to push the Jewish censorship agenda.

The gook Koh believes that kids dying of cancer is a small price to pay to stop politically incorrect speech.

Although this gook has locked her Twitter, you can email her here:ย, and let her know what you think of her agenda to silence people and kill children with cancer.

The shows co-host, Zidan, also had his streaming channel deleted.

This was clearly a collaboration between Wall Street Journal and YouTube to silence someone that the Jews want silenced, because he was allowing free speech on his channel, which included speech that Jews do not approve of.

For those who aren’t familiar with Ralph, this was an apolitical show. He would just have anyone on and let them say whatever. He wasn’t supporting anyone’s ideas. It is an open-format talk show.

Shutting down one of the most popular live streams on YouTube because Jews got shot is yet another major overreach.

Even people who do not like Ralph are coming out and supporting him – people with a lot of followers.

Armoured Skeptic and Shoe were both butts of jokes on the Ralph Show, but they see where this is going.

The Alt-Lite chimed in.

In the very near future, the entire “skeptic” and Alt-Lite communities are going to get shut down. And that includes Sargon of Akkad, Stefan Molyneux – all of them.

There are no brakes on the Jewish shut it down train – and anyone who disagrees with the mainstream narrative is getting shut, even if they don’t talk about the Jews (or even if they bow down and lick the feet of Jews like Molyneux).

Even Infowars had him on to discuss the shut down.

Infowars’ resident homosexual Jew-lover even gave a shoutout.

Taking the money away from cancer kids really stirred up some anger amongst the internet citizenry.

The cancer children of St. Jude have been St. Jewed.ย 

No idea why screwing over cancer children was something they thought was a good idea – “Jews got shot in a synagogue so cancer children must die in response” is not a line of reasoning that many people are able to follow.

Where’s Ralph?

Last night, Ralph streamed on a random website.

He got his numbers up to 6,000 (very good numbers), but the stream kept cutting out. I don’t know what is going to happen with this.

You can currently check his twitter to keep up with where he’s at, of course – but I don’t expect his Twitter to be up long. We know how these things go – it’s a chain reaction of shutdowns after they initially target you. These social media companies all coordinate together. It is very, very rare that someone gets kicked off a major platform and doesn’t get kicked off of every other major platform.

That said, I’m sure he’ll be able to keep a podcast up somewhere. Though obviously the majority of his revenue is going to be gone, since he was using the superchat system to support the show.


We need regulation. We need it now. We are all so fucked if we don’t get the First Amendment back – and that includes you, Mr. President. You cannot possibly hold up if your supporters are no longer allowed to speak in support of you on the internet.

We need to protest, we need to be talking to Congressmen, we need to organize a campaign to call the White House. This is now an issue which absolutely directly affects normie conservatives. The goal is not simply to silence “Nazis.” And it’s not simply to go one step further and silence “conspiracy theorists.” It is to silence absolutely everyone who supports Donald Trump.

We need regulation and we need it now.