YouTube Invents New Rules to Punish Jew Weirdo Logan Paul

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2018

The easiest thing to do to prevent people from mocking suicide victims and dead rats would really be to just ban Jews from the platform.


Tasteless videos by scandal hit vlogger Logan Paul have seemingly led YouTube to reconsider how it punishes people who carry out “heinous pranks” or “demonstrate cruelty” online.

YouTuber Logan Paul recently had his ad revenue on the site suspended following outrage at his videos, which appeared to show a suicide victim in Japan, as well as one where the vlogger tasered a dead rat.

Are we sure the rat was dead and not simply hit with knockout gas?

It’s funny that he didn’t get demonetized for the suicide video but did for the dead rat abuse. But I guess it was a combined thing.

Paul, who has 16 million online subscribers, was also slammed for disrespecting Japanese culture for a December video showing him donning traditional dress and fighting in Tokyo. In the clip, the controversial internet star is also filmed buying and then smashing up a Gameboy color before trying to return it to the shop.

The YouTube star is estimated to make between US$50,000 and $800,000 per month from his online broadcasts. While Paul’s ad revenue is said to be only temporarily suspended, YouTube has announced plans to prevent other potential bad apples from harming the reputation of its “creator community.”

New punishments for bringing the YouTube community into disrepute include the suspension of users’ ability to earn ad revenue. YouTube says it may also effectively bury creators by ensuring they are not seen on the homepage or trending tab.

So, whatever.

That is nothing that will harm pro-white/right-wing YouTube people. We’re already all demonetized.

But please, dudes – keep making it known throughout the tubes that Logan Paul is a Jew. I think seeing this behavior as Jewish behavior causes something to click for a lot of people. The mocking of the Japanese, the mutilation of a dead animal – this is stuff that white people do not understand, it is something that is alien and weird, and when it is linked to his Jewishness, that makes an impression.