YouTube Holocausts 58 Million Videos in Three Months

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2018

Even if the Jewish Holocaust was real – and I assure you, it was not – this is much, much worse.

ABC News:

YouTube was once seen as safe space, free from government regulation and censorship.

But the dark side of the sharing platform has been laid bare in a report that reveals in the past three months, it has had to remove 58 million videos that were posting hateful or inappropriate content.

Catherine Archer, a lecturer at Murdoch University who specialises in social media, said it is the tip of the iceberg.

“I guess it’s starting to admit the problem, but the whole point of YouTube was being able to upload a video without being a professional,” she said.

“These social media platforms are, more and more, having to realise how hard it is to control the content on their channels.”

YouTube said the videos removed mainly had inappropriate adult content or spam, but it did not offer much insight into how it is managing the large amount of hateful or conspiratorial videos.

A spokeswoman said the company, owned by Google, is confident a new algorithm will work to stamp out inappropriate content.

“We’ve always used a mix of human reviewers and technology to address violative content on our platform, and in 2017 we started applying more advanced machine-learning technology to flag content for review by our teams,” she said.

“This combination of smart detection technology and highly-trained human reviewers has enabled us to consistently enforce our policies with increasing speed.”

But freelance writer Stilgherrian said the mere size of YouTube makes it virtually impossible to capture every hateful video or abusive content.

It’s not really impossible, because they have armies of Jews and perverts who will do the work of flagging the videos for free. They even have this “trusted flagger” program to allow civilian Jews to just delete whatever they want.

The reason they haven’t gone full-on and just deleted everything yet is because they know this plan is insane, and will create a situation where everyone is fully aware that any pretense of freedom of speech on the platform is just a lie.

They aren’t quite ready to deal with that yet, so they’re going slowly. Easing in to full tyranny.

But a whole helluva lot of stuff has been deleted. I go looking for stuff and it’s just totally gone.

This is their new plan, as recorded in their own papers: just delete whatever you can without even mentioning it. They talk nonstop about PewDiePie, because he is too big to just outright delete, so they’re drumming-up a hate campaign against him.

The Wall Street Journal literally hacked itself as part of a hoax to defame the number one YouTuber when he’s right in the middle of a race war against India.

But the plan is to just go ahead and absolutely silence everyone who disagrees with Jews and make the internet like TV, where no one can post anything that goes outside of the bounds set by Jews.

I have no idea whether it will work or not, and if it does work, to what degree. No one does, as of now. But it appears to be working, on the face of it. The thing is, it is creating a bubbling, constantly growing hatred of the Jews, which I’m not sure they have a plan to manage.

What is for sure is that this is now naked. No one is confused about what is happening. There is an organized plan already in action to silence everyone, and every day more and more people become aware of this obvious fact.