YouTube Going Nuts Banning Everyone After Donald Kushner Vows to Never Defend First Amendment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2019

An artist’s rendition of YouTube’s moderation policy.

Donald Kushner has shown that he has no interest in protecting the First Amendment or any of the other Amendments (where the fuck are my bump stocks?), and so the censorship Jews are just going absolutely nuts.

Despite the fact that these same kikes openly admit that they are causing violence with these policies.

This shutdown just keeps getting more and more radical, to the point where it is hard to even process.


Minutes after announcing a new policy clamping down on “hateful” and “supremacist” videos, YouTube got to work banning, demonetizing, or otherwise hiding videos from conservatives, journalists, and even black metal musicians.

The Google subsidiary updated its “hateful content” policies on Wednesday, announcing the clampdown in a blog post. The company said that from now on it will be “specifically prohibiting videos alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion.” Other videos that don’t strictly violate the site’s rules – including those promoting phony science or conspiracy theories – will be subject to demonetization, and other measures to restrict their viewership.

First on the chopping block were videos that outright violated the “supremacist” rule. Norwegian black metal musician and convicted murderer Varg Vikernes had his channel ‘Thulean Perspective’ banned, likely for its pan-European white separatist content.

YouTube appears to have taken its vow to pull “videos that promote or glorify Nazi ideology” seriously, removing everything from Vikernes’ neo-pagan vlogs to low-fi punk music from its platform.

I am surprised that was not counter-balanced by his support for burning Christian churches.

Nah, Varg’s cool. Not really though. Burning historic churches is something really terrible.

I do think it is cool that he killed a guy from another black metal band though.

And his neo-futurist-welfare-state-primitivism was edgy and hip, and I like that he kills members of his band. I used to read his blog. Anyway, man, his channel was hardly even “racist” and it didn’t get too many views and plus it was hilarious when he killed that guy from that band.

Why can he not have rights??? 

Others targeted included vlogger ‘Sinatra Says,’ who rails against feminism and the social justice movement. For the crime of wrongthink, Sinatra had his channel demonetized. YouTube did not cite a single offensive video, but instead told the troublemaker that the move was necessary to “ensure our community is safe for creators, viewers and advertisers.”

Nationalist commentator James Allsup saw his channel’s advertising revenue cut off, with YouTube issuing the same ‘community safety’ justification, as did scores of other “borderline” commentators and creators, like ‘identitarian’ Austrian nationalist Martin Sellner and conservative pundit Steven Crowder.

Allsup has been as careful as anyone I’ve ever seen on YouTube to follow the rules. The only questionable thing he ever did was kill that guy from that band. No wait sorry, I’m thinking of Varg Vikernes.

Martin Sellner is equally careful. He did kill a guy from a band, but it was only because he was plotting against him. No wait, it wasn’t Sellner that killed that guy in the band he was on tour with, it was the metal musician Varg Vikernes.

Steven Crowder… he killed a lot of people.

David Duke tried to warn him that committing so many serial murders would get him demonetized on YouTube, but he just wouldn’t listen.

He’s always been a wildcard, that lad.

The crackdown was more a carpet-bombing than a precision strike. Alongside the wrongthinkers and thought criminals, multiple journalists were punished for videos simply reporting on extremism.

Among them were Ford Fischer, whose work detailing confrontations between ‘Antifa’ activists and neo-Nazis has been featured in a documentary by PBS. Regardless of its neutrality or historical significance, YouTube demonetized his entire channel. Ditto for the Drunken Peasants, whose video mocking a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist was deleted, despite the authors condemning his beliefs.

Conservative commentators Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes, both well accustomed to social media bans, also had their videos deleted.

The crackdown appears to have had its genesis in a confrontation between Steven Crowder and Vox journalist Carlos Maza, aka “gaywonk.” Maza complained to YouTube last week that Crowder had called him “mister lispy queer from Vox,”“a crappy writer,” and “the gay Mexican guy.” YouTube found nothing wrong with Crowder’s videos, and said on Wednesday it would take no action.

However, the platform demonetized Crowder’s channel immediately after announcing the new rules later in the day. That did little to mollify Maza, who demanded a full ban, claiming YouTube still drives customers to Crowder’s merchandise store, which sells among other things, a t-shirt emblazoned with the text “Socialism Is For F*gs.”

It was just a casus belli.

Like the Nancy Pelosi parody video.

We have officially entered ultra censorship mode. Because as the tech companies have openly said, they do not want a repeat of the 2016 election, where the people have free access to information and thus can make their own decisions based on a wide variety of information.

And they don’t just want to fuck Trump. The above-mentioned banning of a leftist account isn’t an accident.

Silicon Valley is probably more opposed to Trump than Jews in general, but the Washington power Jews are more opposed to Bernie than Trump.

Because communism might not be Nazism… but it’s the next best thing.

Most of my favorite YouTube Bernie shills have already appeared on RT. So they’re going to just claim that they’re Russian bots and shut them all down. Just watch.

This shutdown has already gotten so bold it is mind boggling, and we’re still more than a year out from the election.

And understand this: this doesn’t end at social media.

They are planning to do to all of the people who can manage to exist outside of social media what they did to me, and just steal their websites and refuse them backbone services.

You are, right now, witnessing a complete cleansing.

And just think: all of those conservative retards thought they would stop after they got done banning “Nazis.”




We’ve got some serious corrections on serious matters:

He was right: I did say “bandmate,” and they were not technically in the same band. They just played a lot of shows together, being in the same scene. I’m pretty sure he did burn churches.

The important thing is, whoever he killed, whatever churches he burned or didn’t burn, he has a right to free speech. Just like everyone does.

Throwing him in with Crowder and McInnes is totally bizarre. They definitely plan out the way they group these bans.