YouTube Allegedly to Delete Alex Jone’s Channel

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2017

Another victim of the shuttening.

At first, they came for the Neo-Nazi White supremacist groypers, and I stayed silent, because I’m a cuck.

Then, they came for the internet bloodsports people, and I stayed silent because I prefer civil discussion.

Then they came for the liberalists, and I stayed silent because I haven’t read Locke.

Now, they’re coming for me, and there’s no one left to speak up because the water turned all the frogs gay.


The Hill:

Infowars founder Alex Jones on Saturday claimed that YouTube is poised to delete the conspiracy outlet’s channel and all of the videos posted to it.

I see Jones has mastered the art of selecting goofy frames of himself as featured image. Bravo.

The Alex Jones channel with billions of views is frozen. We have been told it will be deleted tomorrow and all 33 thousands videos will be erased. We just set up this new page subscribe if you want to see what the SPLC wants censored,” Jones tweeted, using an acronym for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups.

YouTube did not immediately respond to The Hill’s request for comment.

A technology reporter for Buzzfeed News tweeted, however, that YouTube told him Jones’s claim was untrue.

And we’re supposed to believe a Buzzfeed furry pervert?

It’s not clear why the video streaming service would delete the account, though Jones said in a live stream on Facebook on Friday that Infowars had received a third strike from YouTube. Users are banned from the website if they receive three strikes within three months.

So what’s the situation here? It’s hard to believe that Jones’ channel will be outright deleted through content strikes. Deleting a channel as large as Infowars isn’t something that’s done without explicit consent from the highest levels. So it’s entirely possible that another one of these “rogue employees” put strikes on Alex Jone’s channel, and that YouTube will halt the process to ban him.

We’ll know very soon if that is the case.

But it’s also possible that this is actually a conscious decision to start cracking down on even moderately right-wing content. We know that YouTube has been penalizing gun-oriented channels in the past few days (guns are the new hate speech).

Also, various social media platforms have initiated waves of bans.

So we might just be looking at the mother of all shutdowns here.

This is definitely a panic move. Naked political discrimination against popular channels can only lead to a backlash, and more importantly, calls to regulate internet censorship.

This seems like a desperate, all or nothing move.