You’re Not Really Allowed to Take That Many Steroids in the UFC Though

The Chinese keep doing these weird science experiments, like making “sexy” drug women with bodies of men but also ostensibly attractive large butts.

Those unfamiliar with Asians will not understand the purpose of this, but I can tell you the purpose: it’s so people will look at it and say “ahhhhh, that’s interesting. Very abnormal.”


She’s already fought on the frontline in the battle against Covid-19 and now fans want bodybuilding Chinese doctor Yuan Herong to make the switch to combat of another kind – by entering the world of the UFC or WWE.

Yuan has become an internet sensation for her bodybuilding prowess and the steady stream of revealing photos she shares with her more than 400,000 Instagram followers.

Nicknamed ‘Chun-Li’ for her resemblance to the iconic Street Fighter character, Yuan has always emphasized that bodybuilding and her cosplay photo sessions are hobbies.

Away from the weights room, her day job in medical care recently involved battling the coronavirus pandemic in her homeland, where Yuan regularly updated fans on her work.

Yes, it’s also weird cartoonish things that they do with their various projects, such as that this massive woman is also a hero working to fight diseases. That sells big clicks on the Asian internet.

“Ahhhh, abnormal large woman has good heart and loves to help people. Behind her large strength, she is filled with a kind spirit.”

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“Ahhh, but also she truly loves beauty, and can embrace the spirit of womaness despite her harsh form.”

Basically, Asians like bizarre things that also have some story that reveals that someone did something nice or kind or romantic. The weirdness of the initial thing makes the nice thing seem extra nice. You can understand all of that by watching anime, if you have any interest in it, but really, who cares?

I’m just telling you in case you watch all these Asians doing all these weird things and are wondering about it.

But since the pandemic has subsided in China, Yuan has resumed her workout videos and cosplay pics – the latest of which has prompted fans to call on the sculpted gym fanatic to consider a career switch.

“You would rock in the UFC or WWE,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“I think she’s trying to heal people not break them… but I agree,” replied another.

Yeah no, you can’t be on all those drugs and enter the UFC. Obviously everyone takes some drugs, but there is no way she could cycle off of that amount of drugs really ever and not experience a complete collapse of her health.

Don’t do steroids, kids. Especially if you’re a woman.