“You’re Just Mad Because You Can’t Get AIDS”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2018

tfw no gf

A common response to opposition to feminism is to claim that the person opposing it is simply mad that he cannot get a girlfriend. It is an attempt to silence the opposition by emasculating them.

But every time I hear some bitch or white knight telling someone who hates sluts “you’re just mad because you can’t get a girlfriend,” I imagine a homosexual telling someone who hates faggots “you’re just mad because you can’t get AIDS.”

Anyone can get AIDS.

Everyone knows how it’s done – you get AIDS by getting fucked in the ass. Then you acquire a chronic, degenerative, deadly disease.

Most men don’t do this because:

  1. They do not want to get fucked in the ass, and
  2. Having a chronic, degenerative, deadly disease is not desirable

Getting a girlfriend is very similar to getting AIDS.

Everyone knows how to do it, and everyone knows the results. They generally don’t do it because they are not interested in the process of doing it, and they are not interested in having the actual thing.

To get a girlfriend, you make yourself into the kind of man a woman wants for a boyfriend, which is typically a cucked prettyboy betamale with a lot of worthless materialist obsessions and who acts like a clown. Then you acquire a nagging, controlling whore, who will demand to regulate every aspect of your life, will casually and consistently humiliate and emasculate you, and will provide you with virtually nothing in return.

Most men don’t do this because:

  1. They do not want to turn themselves into a grotesque, emasculated caricature of a romantic comedy character, and
  2. Because feeding a financial and emotional parasite who offers you nothing other than contempt in return is not desirable

There isn’t really any very complicated math involved here.

I am of course speaking of the modern conception of a girlfriend, which has never really existed before in history.

Traditionally, there was no such thing as a “girlfriend.” There was a girl you were courting – a form of legal negotiation – who you were attempting to make a contract deal with, wherein you would provide her with material and emotional security in exchange for her serving you and providing you with sons.

The concept of a casual girlfriend, who you live with, who is like a roommate that you have sex with who also has complete dominance over you due to the structure of our legal and social order, is entirely a product of Jewish social-engineering.

So, there are two types of men who are actually looking for a girlfriend:

  1. Men who are so psychologically damaged that they’ve developed a type of Stockholm Syndrome where because they have been raised by abusive, controlling women, they are looking for an abusive, controlling woman to rule them, and
  2. Men who believe that if they can get a girlfriend, they can somehow switch up the game and transform the dynamics of the social order on the individual level – like doing some kind of judo move on society itself – and turn a girlfriend into a traditional wife that will serve them and provide them sons

However, the reality of the situation is that even if you do marry one of these whores, the power dynamics remain in place. Due to no-fault divorce, there is literally no value to the contract itself, other than that it makes you more liable financially when the bitch decides to leave you.

If she does produce sons, she will take these from you. Even if she does not divorce you, she will have ultimate say in how the sons are raised.

That is the situation.


I am so tired of explaining this, but no, when I speak of relationships, I am not speaking in terms of absolutes, necessarily. Just as when I say “black people are stupid,” I am not talking about Thomas Sowell.

When I say “it is impossible to make a traditional relationship work,” I am talking about something called a “statistical impossibility.”

Yes, it is possible to make a traditional relationship work in modern society. It is also possible to win hundreds of millions of dollars playing the Powerball lottery.

I grew up in an upper-middle class family, in an all white neighborhood, in the midwest.

I do not know have a single friend or family member who has made a traditional marriage situation work.

Because there are approximately as many non-feminists in America (or the rest of the Anglosphere) as there are feminists in Saudi Arabia.

It is an almost perfect analogy, as the state and the entire social order of Saudi Arabia enforce the patriarchy in the same way that the state and the entire social order enforce the matriarchy in America.

It is not an absolutely perfect analogy, however, as it is much more likely that a woman would rebel against a patriarchy than against a matriarchy. As such, there are theoretically more feminists in Saudi Arabia than there are traditional women in the Anglosphere.

Furthermore, there is also in Saudi Arabia the potential for outside influence to infiltrate the society, and lure women into feminism. There is no outside influence luring women into traditional feminine social roles in the Anglosphere.

Unless of course you want to count Islamic immigrants marrying white women and requiring that they convert to Islam, which doesn’t do much to help us.

Following that caveat, there is the question: why can’t we do what Moslem immigrants do to white women they steal from us and force them into a traditional role?

Well, there are a number of reasons. The most obvious is that Moslems are allowed legal leeway to physically and emotionally dominate women that we are not granted. But the much more important difference is that a Moslem who takes a white woman and successfully converts her is able to isolate her in a bubble of Islamic social proof within his own colonial community, wherein she is cut off from the world and kept inside of a network of social control that goes beyond him as a single individual, and includes his entire immigrant community.

Tough Love, But Not a Black Pill

I am just giving you the facts on the ground, which, if you are capable of handling them – capable of looking around you and seeing that what I am saying is exactly true – will help you not fall into the bottomless pit of trying to deal with women according to the rules that have been laid out for us by the Jews.

You need to be living for yourself, building a life that is what you want it to be.

That is what is good for you.

Figure out a career, get in shape, feel good about yourself.

Do not look at women as above you or as really having any value at all, beyond their bodies. If you can do it without it draining your lifeforce, have one night stands and try not to catch super-gonorrhea. If you want to enter casual sexual relationships with women, then do it.

Protip: the less you care about women, the more likely they are to want you for these types of affairs. But if you let them, they will dig up your weaknesses and use them to try to destroy you. On a long enough timeline, they will always succeed, unless you maintain the ability to walk away.

If you have the option of paying for sex, then do that.

But don’t ever give more than you are getting. Don’t let it drain you. Don’t give yourself over to the negative force that is the modern female.

Most importantly: never, ever entertain the fantasy that you are going to win the lottery and find that one girl that is different from all the rest who will serve you as your true trad waifu and give you sons who you can raise to be what you want them to be.

This is where you are. And you will only be free when you stop looking for a way out.

You were not born in Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages or the Third Reich.

You were born into a rotting corpse of a society that is deteriorating more by the day.

You were born into a war.

You can either be a prisoner or a soldier.

Be a soldier.