You’re Just Jealous You Don’t Have a QT3.14 Negress to Make You Spaghetti

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At first I was like: “why would they put that black woman with a white man in an ad for people in Switzerland?”

But then I realized: I am just jealous that I don’t have a cutie pie black GF to make spaghetti for me and smile so colorfully as she gives me a taste.

Most racists are just jealous of how cute black women are, and they’re mad they can’t get a black girlfriend.

Because the black girlfriend is ultimate superiority. Their hair is… wait, no, okay, nevermind the hair.

But those big old white teeth. Looking like emergency beacons.

And you know they got that ba-dunk-uh-dunk.

This is the same woman from above, from behind:

I’m thinking of trying to get a home in Switzerland because I guess they’ll give you one of these beautiful black women to make spaghetti for you.