You’re a Feminist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2016

Wow, this woman looks Jewish.

She’s right though.

Anyone who believes women should have any more “rights” than they had for the hundreds of thousands of years prior to the suffrage movement is a feminist, by definition.

I’m so sick of this “we just want real equality” gibberish coming from certain sectors of the men’s rights movement.

Either you believe in tradition or you believe in the Jew-Marxist program of liberationism. Period. There is no room for a dialectic there.

We had some concept of “true equality,” maybe in the 50s, and the women just used their “rights” to keep demanding more and more insane things. Their goal is to bully men into putting them back into their position as mothers.

Human females are not somehow fundamentally different than the female of any other species: their primary purpose is to reproduce. And when you create a situation where that is impossible, they will do whatever they need to to fix that situation, as best they are able. That is what feminism is about: acting so insane that men are eventually forced to totally subjugate them. Because they want to be totally subjugated, as their subconscious minds associate that with physical protection and a safe reproductive environment.

Feminism is the complaint of a woman who doesn’t have a man to tell her what to do.



Necessarily leads to this:


Man-Up, You Little Faggot

There are still cucks out there claiming to be anti-Jew while defending the Jew feminist agenda.

If you’re a Marxist, then go be a Marxist. There is absolutely zero reason you should endorse the Jew concept of feminism while pretending to be against Black liberation, homosexual liberation, multiculturalism and the rest of the Jewish global agenda.

Claiming that anyone who is against feminism “hates White women” is idiotic and utterly nonsensical.


Wouldn’t she be happier?


Because she was definitely happier.


And we had children.

I want women to be safe, I want them to be happy, I want them to fulfill their biological roles. More importantly, I want to protect society as a whole. That is why I am against feminism – it’s the same reason I am against every other Jewish agenda.

And look – I understand the white knight mentality. That is biological as well. These men want to protect the eggs, because they are necessary for reproduction. But to you white knights: you aren’t protecting the eggs so that they can be used to produce babies. You’re protecting them so that they can dry-up, while the women holding them are busy wrecking society.

You aren’t protecting women by defending the feminist agenda. You are hurting them and you are destroying our race, and any future that we might have.

And no. We aren’t going to end women’s suffrage any time soon. I am not stupid. I know we can’t change these laws.

But what we can do is stop pandering to the insane demands of these women, to act like real men, and begin to shift society in a traditional direction. Understanding that women should not have “rights” is the first step in acting like a man and throwing off the shackles of the Jew emasculation program.


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