Your New Flying Mommy: Captain Marvel is an Overbearing Cunt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2018

I hate Marvel movies, and I wish they would stop.

With Star Wars, these Disney films have become a form of Jewish ritual abuse of the goyim. You are basically socially obligated to watch these films at this point, and they are so bad it is like forcing people to eat Soylent Green.

Goyim queueing up for the latest Disney CGI nightmare.

The newest one, Captain Marvel, could be the worst yet.

Captain Marvel is set in the 90s, apparently destroying the entire continuity of this “film universe.” But I don’t care about that.

I do care that it is the feminist version of Black Panther, forcing an empowered woman down your throat in the same way that that film forced the idea that Africans are intelligent down your throat.

Some people reacted negatively to the recently released trailer, forcing the Jewish media to go into damage-control mode and shame the bad goyim for questioning this reeducation project.


Captain Marvel is capable of anything. She can zip through the galaxy. She can shoot photon beams from her sparkle fists. She can command the Avengers and has superhuman strength and fighting abilities. But for as awe-inspiring as she is, she is still susceptible to the frustratingly sexist tendencies of our non-superhero-filled reality.

After the first trailer for Captain Marvel was released this week, a sect of fans started bemoaning what it showed of Brie Larson’s performance in the title role, complaining that her acting seemed stiff and wooden. That sentiment led one Twitter user to literally and creepily photoshop a smile onto Larson’s face in stills from different scenes, claiming they had “fixed” her.

Manipulating a smile onto Captain Marvel’s face is seemingly a digital extension of the “smile more” harassment that women hear all the time. As the Atlantic explained in 2016, women are frequently advised to smile by the people around them — from co-workers to strangers on the street — implying that they need to appear happier, for the benefit of others, usually men. And despite its inherent disrespect, the mindset is pervasive; it was even used to criticize Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign for president.

And Hillary not smiling – and instead acting like an overbearing mommy cunt – worked out fine.


A man telling a woman to smile — and in Captain Marvel’s case, digitally altering a woman’s face to smile — capitulates to the crooked idea that it’s not up to women to decide when to smile, that a woman appearing to be happy and pleasant is more important than how she might actually feel, that women owe it to others to perform a certain emotion whether it’s sincere or not.


No, it does not do that.

It “capitulates to the idea” that the purpose of the existence of women is to serve men. They literally have no other biological purpose. Just as black people cannot invent spaceships, women cannot zip through the galaxy, shoot photon beams from their sparkle fists or command the Avengers. They do not have superhuman strength and fighting abilities.

Women have effectively zero historical accomplishments. Any supposed accomplishments they do have are due to the help of men (Percy Shelly helping his wife write Frankenstein, for instance). Since the feminist revolution, they have shown that if given the same power as men, they will use that power to inhibit men in getting things done, rather than do anything at all themselves.

What women have is:

  • Vaginas
  • The ability to do menial work to aid men in their projects
  • The ability to look and act in a pleasant manner and relieve the stress of men

So it is absolutely natural for men to have an instinctive repulsion to women who behave in an unpleasant manner. In doing this, they are abdicating their natural, biological responsibility.

Men built the entirety of civilization with their blood and sweat, largely for the purpose of making women comfortable. Women refusing to do the one simple thing of being pleasant to be around is an offense to the entirety of humanity.

But of course, an empowered woman cannot be both “powerful” and pleasant. Not anymore. Because her supposed power is actually derived from the abdication of her duty as a woman.

This film is clearly designed to both shame men – in particular, white men – and to reenforce in women and girls the idea that they gain power through aggressive, domineering, cunt-like behavior.

Jew-run Disney is using their ultimate power as the only studio capable of making hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars CGI action blockbusters to socially-engineer society and overthrow the natural order.

It’s what Jews do.