Your Life in the Denver Airport

We are all living now in the Denver airport, watching the weird Illuminati murals come to life.

The murals tell the story of the world coming apart and being put back together by a multiracial group of children.

At the baggage claim, there are a total of four murals painted by artist Leo Tanguma: two “befores” and two “afters.”

The first two parter is entitled “In Peace and Harmony with Nature.”

The first half features various symbols of a wrecked environment, with the centerpiece being the corpse of a jaguar laid across the graves of children.

It also has a clear anti-taxidermy message.

The second part of the mural, the “after,” shows the children of all races in the traditional garb of their respective nations gathered around a plant, living in harmony with nature.

The second mural is entitled “Children of the World Dream of Peace,” and is basically the same thing as the nature one, just with war being overcome instead of environmentalism.

Part one shows a soldier in a gas mask with a bayoneted rifle and a sword. The soldier, who appears to represent all forms of authoritarianism, is standing over some impoverished children, some of which appear to be sleeping in a pile of bricks. He leaves a trail of women with dead babies, a profound communication of the fact that people die in wars.

Part two shows the international children coming together to crush the soldier, to destroy his sword and to destroy all swords.

The children are bringing swords to be destroyed in the forge, and the swords are wrapped in various flags. The implication is probably that the flags will be destroyed as well, as the world comes together in peace and love.

The message is that chaos is necessary to bring about a new world order.

You saw the way international governance functioned before the coronavirus hoax. You look at Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Barack Obama – all three perfect shills for the neoliberal, globalist order and you saw that they seemed to be creating chaos on purpose.

You look at the trillions of tons of plastic dumped into the ocean, the wars in the Middle East, the conflicts with Russia and China – it’s all stuff that would be very easy for the people who rule the world to not do. They don’t have to do it. The idea that it’s all about money is confusing, because money is simply a means of exchanging things that have intrinsic value, and the rulers of the world by definition allocate wealth.

Basically, these government leaders, the intelligence agencies and militaries, along with the international banks and the various appendages of the United Nations, and the corporate controllers of culture, had more ability to influence and direct the world than any group of people ever in history. They were all working in tandem, and yet the world continued to get steadily worse and worse.

Someone would have had to have asked: “what exactly are these people trying to do here? Everything is more controlled than ever, and it just keeps getting worse. What is the purpose? What goals are these people trying to accomplish?”

Then, the coronavirus lockdown hoax began, and you saw these masters of the universe just completely and totally destroy the entire society, on purpose, all at once.

So, it’s clear now why nothing worked before: they were trying to destroy everything on purpose.

Why would they do that?

Because they want to form a completely new type of society, a new mode of existence. It’s a type of existence that no one would agree to go along with if it was proposed to them in normal times. So, in order to implement this new form of human existence, you have to make everyone’s life a living hell, then offer the new existence as a solution to the hell you’ve created.

Apparently, this concept is too much for most people to wrap their heads around. It seems very straightforward to me, or to you, I’m sure, but most people just assume that everything that is happening is happening just as the natural result of people in power making decisions that they think will benefit society, or maybe that they think will benefit some specific private interest.

People will say you’re a conspiracy theorist if you start talking about a Denver International Airport agenda. However, as the dust continues to settle around the coronavirus situation, it becomes more and more impossible to talk about “conspiracy theories.” Everyone sees the conspiracy. It isn’t a theory. This was a massive hoax designed to take away everyone’s freedoms, and virtually every government, the entire media, all of these internationalist organizations – everyone was in on it. They even had neo-Nazi groups out there saying, “do as you’re told, the government wouldn’t lie.”

What’s more, you could try to say that at the beginning, the governments themselves were confused. But you can’t say that anymore. And yet, this lockdown is still going. It’s still going, now, and it’s getting more extreme. They’re now grabbing people off the street and shoving them into police cars for not wearing face masks outside.

The fact that they know it’s a hoax now and just keep upping the ante implies that they knew it was a hoax from the beginning, and purposefully did all of this to people, as part of some kind of agenda.

No one knows exactly what is going on. But this is some kind of very extreme agenda, that does have clear goals. This is not just a random power-grab. This is all building up to something.

What I currently expect is this:

  • The bizarre lockdown measures will keep getting more extreme over the next couple of years.
  • The bottom is going to fall out on the economy.
  • This stuff with the blacks and the Antifa will continue, as we devolve into absolute anarchy and lawlessness.
  • For some number of years, there will be hell on earth – hunger, homelessness, drug addiction, crime, civil unrest, etc.
  • Eventually, some charismatic figure will show up and take over, implementing programs that help people by bringing them into the new system that they’ve had planned from the beginning.

What they absolutely want is a tiny elite minority ruling over a mixed race mass of brown people. They want to put computer chips in people and they probably want to control their brains using computers somehow.

Who the hell knows what they want. It doesn’t really matter. What we need to understand is that they are purposefully collapsing society, which means that if it looks like something is going to “snap back,” that is a delusion.

The good news is: you know this is happening while most people do not, so you have an advantage.

Further: it might actually be impossible for the elite to manage this thing they’re doing, and it might just totally fail. That might actually be statistically most likely. It’s totally unclear how they’re going to beat back China while they’re purposefully hollowing out Western countries, for example. The situation is so complicated, no one even really understands it, and they’re relying on computer simulations to tell them what to do.

So, don’t get sad. Don’t be negative about things. Enjoy your life as best you can, and just make good decisions. Act like an adult.