Your Halloween Party was Canceled. But in Wuhan, China…

As you know, your Halloween Party was canceled.

In Wuhan, they had a blast.

These pictures are all from Wuhan, China this weekend:

Perfect scene.

Spooky, but not satanic.

Sexy girls, but not too slutty.

Perfect Halloween.

China may be the perfect society. This combination of an authoritarian state that picks out the best, most innocent elements of Western culture, while rejecting things like homosexuality, feminism and pornography – they really seem to have hit the nail on the head.

But never mind that nonsense.

Here’s the thing to mind: what the hell do people think is going on when they see this?

China says “Wuhan beat the virus.”

But what does that actually mean?

Australia just now, finally, made it to “zero new cases,” after months on end of using the military to lock people in their houses.

Wuhan was the first place the virus emerged from. The first hotspot. They never did a Western-style lockdown.

But they have resumed normal life.

This is what they did: they stopped testing. Period.

When you don’t test, there is still a virus, but no one knows there’s a virus. Because the virus is almost completely harmless. China doesn’t have the existing health problems that the West has, so the only people who are ever at risk of dying from the virus (if anyone is ever at risk) are the elderly, and they’ve been told to wear masks and be careful.

Everyone else: just go about life normally.

This is all a gigantic hoax.

If you stop testing, the virus just goes away.