Your Freedoms, Goyim: 41% of Americans Support Criminalizing “Hate Speech”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2015

Is this really where we're at?
Is this really where we’re at?

According to a new YouGov poll, 41% of Americans now believe in removing the First Amendment from the Constitution and criminalizing “hate speech.”

This includes 51% of Democrats and an astonishing 37% of Republicans.

Obviously, the goal of the Jews is to ban freedom of speech across the entire planet, so as to prevent any single goyim from mentioning what it is they are up to.

The Jews are basically in a race against time to shut down free speech before the whole world becomes aware of their Holocaust hoax and their entire system comes crashing down.

The do this largely by saying they are trying to protect oppressed minorities.

Yes, in America, Blacks are actually allowed to vote.
Yes, in America, Blacks are actually allowed to vote.

Effectively, the entire White world has already totally banned criticism of the Jews, save for the US, given that we have a sacred provision in our Constitution which allows unlimited free speech.  This has allowed for websites such as the Daily Stormer to get the truth out to the whole world under the protections given us by our Founding Fathers.

But how much longer do we have?  If this poll is accurate, and 41% of the people already support shutting down our evil thoughtcrime, how much longer will it be before the Jews are able to act on this and remove our Constitution from the law books?

It can’t be too long.  And that is why we must push as hard as we can to get this information out to the masses before it is too late.

You have a duty to spread the truth, White man.  Don’t simply read this site or others like it and think your duty is done.  Knowing the truth, you must accept that you have a responsibility to inform others.

Get on it.

From my cold dead hands.
From my cold dead hands.