Your Favorite President Threatens Contractors Who are Firing Whites to Replace Them with Diversity

Your Favorite President has been making so many awesome moves over the last few months that it’s incredible. He is still running these stupid ads about black people, however, and I think people just aren’t aware of the good stuff he’s been doing.

People were aware that he shut down the “critical race theory” AKA “racial sensitivity training” AKA “white guilt indoctrination” in government, because the media whined about it. But then they backed off of whining about it, because they found out that actually, a lot of white people don’t think they should be lectured about how they are evil because of their genetics.

Trump has recently moved to punish contractors who do this “Affirmative Action Plus” thing where they fire white people and replace them with blacks.

This is what is popular. He should be running this in his ads instead of that idiotic Jared Kushner/Rand Paul crap about how he let a bunch of crack dealers loose on the streets and how Joe Biden is bad because he said when black people get caught selling crack they should have to go to prison.

(This talk about Biden’s support for the 1994 crime bill is stupid on so many levels, but notably: it has no relationship to how Biden would actually govern. He and his entire party now actively support the diametric opposite of the 1994 crime bill. They are saying they are going to abolish cash bail, and Democrats have already begun letting murderers loose. They recently let a black guy off on probation after a racially motivated, random murder of a white guy. So, what does it mean that Joe Biden used to support strong anti-crime laws? Are these ads supposed to be suggesting that Joe Biden has a secret racist agenda and that he will start supporting strong crime laws if elected? Or are they just saying that he should be punished as revenge? I get the “he’s a totally spineless flip-flopping politician who doesn’t believe in anything” angle, and that’s fine, but clearly, they could do that on a lot of different issues other than the crime bill, but that’s what they’re obsessed with.)

They’re running these ads about how Biden is a racist and put too many blacks in prison at the same time as ads about how Biden wants to defund the police and let the blacks kill everyone.

It’s schizophrenic. Who is in charge of this?

Listen to me: these ads with Joe Biden saying “super criminal” make people who tend to vote Republican think, “well, maybe Biden isn’t so bad.” It would literally be better to run no ad at all than an ad of Biden saying that blacks should be in prison for selling crack and being in gangs. It is effectively a pro-Biden ad. No Democrat is going to not vote for Biden because of it, because every Democrat knows that this is no longer Biden’s position.

Frankly, Jared Kushner’s “First Step Act” was in itself a gigantic mistake. Trump did it because it got Rand Paul to come together with Nancy Pelosi, and it gave him a win. No one likes violent criminals, other than extremist leftists and Rand Paul.

He did it, it happened, it is what it is. It’s not the end of the world, not even a huge deal necessarily as a one-off. But it should be buried, not celebrated. This appeals to ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.

Trump said this in the debate.

Then, IN THE SAME DEBATE, he did what people support and pressed him on his support for violent black mobs! Schizo!

Someone is telling him to say this “Joe Biden is a racist and I let the crack dealers out of prison” because blacks will vote for him, and it is just so stupid that I can’t hardly even take it.

Who is encouraging this?

Is it just all Jared Kushner?

Does Kushner want to lose on purpose, or is he just so Jewish that he can’t even understand simple reality?

Trump should be running ads saying: “Donald Trump believes that men should be judged on their merit, not on their race. That is why as President, Donald Trump has stopped doing businesses which give preferential treatment to people on the basis of their race.”

Cut to a white guy with a mustache and a mechanic’s outfit: “My boss told me they were going to have to let me go, because of my skin color. President Trump saved my job. I was raised to believe that America is a country where you’re judged by the quality of your character and how hard you work, not the color of your skin.”

People would love that, and it wouldn’t be politically incorrect. No one who would ever think about voting for Trump thinks that white people should be fired and replaced with blacks because of slavery hundreds of years ago. Yet, many people would be galvanized to go out and vote if they heard that Trump is pushing back against this nonsense.

But people don’t know, because whoever is running Donald Trump’s ad campaign is running this idiotic gibberish saying that Joe Biden hates black people.


American companies promising to hire more Black employees in leadership roles and teach their workforce about racism are getting a message from President Donald Trump’s administration: Watch your step if you want to keep doing business with the federal government.

Trump’s Labor Department is using a 55-year-old presidential order spurred by the Civil Rights Movement to scrutinize companies like Microsoft and Wells Fargo over their public commitments to diversity. Government letters sent last week warned both companies against using “discriminatory practices” to meet their goals.

Microsoft has brushed off the warnings, publicly disclosing the government inquiry and defending its plan to boost Black leadership.

But advocates for corporate diversity initiatives worry that more cautious executives will halt or scale back efforts to make their workplaces more inclusive out of fear that a wrong step could jeopardize lucrative public contracts. The agency has oversight over the hiring practices of thousands of federal contractors that employ roughly a quarter of all American workers.

For tech companies that don’t care about these issues, the pronouncements are a dog whistle that they can carry on discriminating the way they already have,” said Laszlo Bock, an executive who ran Google’s human resources division for more than a decade and now leads software startup Humu.

He’s literally using laws created to stop discrimination against black people to stop discrimination against white people.

Why is this not getting more play in the right-wing media?

Do you know there is an entire band of neo-Nazi liars who claim that Trump hasn’t done anything to curb immigration?

Frankly, if all of these neo-Nazis are employed by feds, and they are actively attacking Donald Trump, that is yet another massive scandal, frankly.

Feds could obviously claim that the only reason they tell their neo-Nazis to attack Trump is because they are trying to entrap anti-social people. That is probably true. And it’s not like neo-Nazis are going to affect the outcome of an election, there are only a couple thousand of them in the entire country and every one of them that I’m aware of personally lives in a coastal area that is solid blue anyway.

Nonetheless, the basic fact that you have the FBI telling confidential informants to go on the internet and tell people to vote for Joe Biden should be enough of a reason to close the FBI.

If we look back at the last four years, we see that Trump has tried to do what he said he was going to do. Yes, he’s screwed up, several times, many times, but the ultimate result is this:

President Donald J. Trump has reduced legal immigration by 49%.

Do the math: if he does that again in the next 4 years, he will have reduced legal immigration by 98%.

As I told you recently: legal immigration is and has always been the overwhelming problem of immigration.

Frankly, I would rather have an absolutely open border with Mexico than have these Indians, Africans and Moslems flying in. Seriously: if someone said “you can push this button and stop all legal immigration, but also, you completely open the border with Mexico,” I would push it without flinching.

You know how conservative types use “illegals” as a noun? Well, we need to start talking about “these legals.” Building a wall was much less important than stopping these legals. That’s a matter of absolute fact. Frankly, a wall is cool and all, but it wasn’t really that great of an idea. It was kind of silly, frankly. If you would instead just punish people for hiring illegals, and renting to them, and do away with sanctuary cities, you wouldn’t need a wall.

We never had a wall before. We just didn’t allow Democrats to violate federal immigration law, and we didn’t have these courts interfering with the federal government. All of these people crossing the southern border now are “legals” anyway, because they’re doing this “asylum” thing. Frankly, Mexico isn’t really a poor country anymore. All these people are coming from Central America, and they’re coming in legally, using this idiotic “asylum” nonsense.

And that asylum nonsense, my dear friends, could have been done away with in 2017 when Republicans controlled the House and Senate. We could have just totally canceled it out.

But we didn’t.

I wonder why?

Listen: as soon as this election is over, we need to start figuring out how to do a massive storm on the primaries, and remove as many sitting Senators as possible and replace them with MAGA people from the internet who sign contracts not to take money from corporations or special interest groups.

That is what we need.

We need a movement to have candidates running for office agree to sign contracts saying they will NEVER take money from a mega-corporation or a special interest lobby. That is what we need.

What we do not need is even one more Jim Jordan, who is going to put on a theatrical show in Congress about how he’s outraged by Google while he’s taking their money.

We need to mobilize all of the America First, MAGA right-wing to do this.


Then, we need the media to hold them responsible. People like Sean Hannity need to be shamed for doing nothing but rambling about every detail of what the Democrats are doing. People need to protest him.

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This nonstop “daily updates on the latest thing the Democrats are doing” media has to stop. This media is for people who are Republicans. They are already against the Democrats. They do not need to know every detail of what the Democrats are doing. We need to force these people to talk about the traitors in our own party.

Sean Hannity is worse than MSNBC, frankly.

Why won’t he call for the resignation of William Barr?

He does friendly interviews with William Barr.

We have a good team emerging now: Tucker Carlson, Revolver News, Nick Fuentes and crew, National File. There are others. There is room for a movement here, despite the tech censorship, and assuming we manage to keep Trump in the White House, the movement needs to be about primarying Republican Congress people.

We need a network. People will volunteer to canvas for MAGA politicians who sign the contract. I can’t do this, okay? I am barely surviving here on my .su website. Other people have to do this, and it is the only thing we can do, it is the only way forward. We saw in 2016 that our ideas have popular support, what we need to do now is implement them, and the way we do that is by primarying Congresspeople with MAGA people who are not just slimy lawyers.

Stand by.