Your Favorite President (Real President) Stops to Take Pictures with People at the Golf Course

With all he is dealing with, Real President Donald Trump took time on Saturday to stop and take pictures with people who were having a wedding at the golf course he visited.

He was so friendly to everyone, and he made comments about the beauty of youth.

He didn’t even know anyone was filming. He just truly loves the people. He loves all of us.

I feel like Donald Trump is the father of all of us, and America is our safe family home, and what is happening is like a divorce.

That video hit me in the feels, but I’m moving on.

We have to stand up and fight.

As I have said, we have plans within plans. There is no time for despair.

Acknowledge that this hurts, then move on.

There is not going to be any reason for it either – because the evidence of fraud continues to pile up.

These people though – they just make you sick.

Look at Van Jones fake crying.

What kind of deranged person fake cries on TV like that?

It would be even worse if it was real crying – but it obviously isn’t.

He already had his black revolution moment when Barack Obama got elected. Now he’s having it again, with a white guy? Talking about how he’s so happy that people will be talking nicely?

We need to keep it together, we need to move forward, we need people on the street.