Your Favorite President Berates Criminal Journalist for Refusing to Report on Hunter Biden

On Monday, a mask faggot journalist, one Jeff Mason of Reuters, approached Your Favorite President and attempted to thwart his jib: “Your campaign strategy seems to be to call Biden a criminal, why is that?”

Donald Trump crushed him, like Hulk Hogan stomping on a toddler:

He is a criminal. He’s a criminal. He got caught. Read his laptop. And you know who’s a criminal? You’re a criminal for not reporting it. You are a criminal for not reporting it. Let me tell you something: Joe Biden is a criminal and he’s been a criminal for a long time, and you’re a criminal, and the media, for not reporting it. Good luck everybody, have a good time. Have a good time.

It was beautiful.

An ocean of Regeneron is pumping like blood through this man’s veins. They keep saying “do a test of coronavirus, Trump!” Well, the issue is, you do a coronavirus test, and the test-reading machine just starts flashing “Regeneron Overload” and then it explodes. The only way you can keep this much Regeneron in one place is if it’s inside of Donald Trump’s body.

I love so much that Trump called this little faggot what he is: a criminal.

I would have liked it if he’d also called him a faggot, but that’s okay. That’s okay.

The faggot Mason is the head of the White House Corespondents’ Association.

He’s held events to celebrate the First Amendment.

Journalists holding an event to celebrate the First Amendment is like homosexuals holding an event to celebrate HIV-AIDS. The First Amendment is the bane of the existence of journalists, and they are constantly looking to destroy it. The main driving force in internet censorship is not the tech companies, and it’s not the Jewish censorship organizations (ADL, SPLC, ProPublica) – the main driving force in internet censorship is the media. The media targets people for censorship, they make censorship demands of the tech companies. They ostensibly do it on behalf of the Jew organizations, but the fact of reality is that if free speech were allowed in this country, these people would be out of a job.

If the playing field were level, and people like Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones were not targeted for censorship by the media, people would choose us over them. Furthermore, they simply couldn’t get away with lying like they do, if there was anyone to call them out.

This entire situation with the Hunter Biden laptop is a perfect example of something that simply could not be happening if we had the First Amendment. Only the deepest form of moron would choose to be lied to by the media about this laptop, if they knew that there were other options. They crushed the independent media, and now they think they can just get away with anything. The Hunter Biden files are outrageous. This shows, yet again, that Biden’s entire career was about pay-to-play. He was selling the services of the US government, aggressively. That is the most despicable type of corruption.

They couldn’t get away with this in a third world country. They couldn’t get caught outright, with all of these emails, and then just pretend it’s not happening. The reason they couldn’t get away with it is that in a third world country, there is not this much censorship. There would be people reporting on this in some place like Mexico or Africa.

But this country is so censored, that the Russiagate thing can be totally exposed, where Barack Obama knew from the beginning it was a hoax, the FBI got a fake warrant, the entire thing was completely fake, and no one gets arrested. Obama can go out there and say “these allegations are absurd,” even though we have the notes of John Brennen, directly from the government, showing that he was told “Hillary is manufacturing a hoax to claim Donald Trump is a Russian agent.” James Comey can appear before the Senate, and simply say “I do not recall” over and over again.

The fact that we now have all the data showing that the man running for president, and ostensibly leading the race, spent his entire period as vice president selling the services of the US government to various international crime syndicates, and that nothing is happening, and we now know the FBI knew about it and covered it all up – this is just par for the course!

They can get away with this because the media covers it all up, and the media has censored everyone who would tell the truth. Systematically, they have gone through and silenced everyone. The media just got QAnon banned from YouTube last week! Poppy Harlow, of CNN, brought on the CEO of YouTube, and demanded that she censor QAnon. The next day, YouTube announced that they are deleting and banning all QAnon content.

No one in their right mind would support a literal criminal gang running their country. So the media has to cover up the fact that the Democrats are a criminal gang. Many Republicans are also criminals, and are protected by the media. When the media quotes Mitt Romney, they don’t mention Bane Capital.

Trump should have made the First Amendment his number one issue. Because without the freedom to speak, nothing else matters. As we’re seeing with both the Russia issue and the Hunter laptop issue, the Democrats can do literally anything if we aren’t allowed to talk about what they’re doing.

What I hope and what we all hope is that he means it literally when he says the media are criminals. These people in the media are involved in a massive criminal conspiracy. The way they silenced those of us speaking the truth, frankly, proves that they are criminals. This is not some misunderstanding. They are working directly with the Democrats and with William Barr to hide the biggest crimes in political history. They all need to be charged under RICO.