Your Car May Soon Start Spying on You and Tracking Your Every Move

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2019

The face of the good goy of the future.

Cars are only a couple of years away from turning into highly effective surveillance devices, but worry not; it’s for your own good.

Daily Mail:

Technology is being developed to track and monitor every tiny movement of a car’s driver and its passengers.

US-based firm Texas Instruments uses a mounted device to identify people in the car and classify them as a woman or a man.

Yeah that will be problematic given current year standards, to say the least.

It is also able to spot the presence of pets and, with enough developments in computing ability, it would be able to detect bodily functions such as respiration.

Start-up Caareys has built two systems that utilise radar, with one performing analysis of heart rate, breath rate and driver health condition while its other project counts the number of passengers and positioning of them.

British firm B-Secur is working on technology that will place medical-grade sensors inside a car’s steering wheel to monitor a person’s unique cardiac rhythm.

An embedded electrocardiograph (ECG) will be able to track a person’s physical well-being based on their individual and unique heart signature.

This could also be used as a ‘key’ to the device, only opening following the detection of the unique heartbeat of the owner.

BMW unveiled gaze recognition technology at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year that will let drivers control the inside of the car using only their eyes.

Cameras may soon also come equipped with the same technology found in Apple’s FaceID system thanks to advancements in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL).

This could one day be integrated with cars to reveal a range of information on who is inside a car.

This level of non-physical interaction with a car’s controls is being taken a step further by Google’s Soli project.

It identifies subtle finger movements using radar built into tiny microchips.

Google says it allows users to press an invisible button between the thumb and index fingers or operate a virtual dial that turns by rubbing a thumb against the index finger.

This is for your own safety, goy.

You can’t opt out of this.

Soon every car will come equipped with all of this stuff and much more right out of the factory by law, and you’re a good goy that obeys the law, aren’t you?

We’ll soon know how certain songs that you listen to while driving make you feel, we’ll know what the people traveling with you feel, we’ll know how your heart rate changes when you see street advertisement, we’ll know if you were really following flawless driving etiquette and respecting the law.

We’ll even know what you feel while having different conversations inside of your car, and we’ll know what you talk about there.

We’ll know if you lie.

Oh, we’ll know.

And all of that information will be sent back to Google and Bezos.

We’ll use all of that information to offer you better targeted advertisement and to keep you safe though, so don’t worry about it too much.

It’s just the future. It’s progress.

Don’t be afraid.

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