Youngkin Wins Virginia and Jersey Too Close to Call as Things Get Dumber

Yesterday, I wrote that if the Democrats were remotely engaged with basic strategy, they would not do too much fraud in the Virginia governor race and allow the Republican to win.

If Glenn Youngkin Doesn’t Win, It’s Obvious Fraud Again (Which is Why He Might Win)

You can go back and look at my reasoning for why this win benefits the left more than the right. I don’t need to type it all out again.

Looks like the Anus Party might have lost New Jersey as well.


Republican Glenn Youngkin has won the race for governor in Virginia, riding a wave of late momentum to deliver a rebuke of Democratic control in Richmond and Washington.

Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe, according to three television networks, denying McAuliffe’s bid to become Virginia’s first repeat governor since the 1970s.

With more than 94 percent of the expected vote counted, Youngkin has staked out a 3-point lead — a margin that reflects major gains for Youngkin and his party across Virginia and in other states as well. In New Jersey, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is locked in an unexpectedly tight race with Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

“Together we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth, and friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one,” Youngkin said in a victory speech early Wednesday morning.

In both states, the Republican candidates not only built further on blowout Republican margins in smaller, rural counties, they also cut into the edge Democrats built in diverse, heavily populated suburbs in recent years. Ciattarelli led Murphy by less than a percentage point at midnight, but with about three-quarters of the expected vote in and votes still outstanding in some heavily Democratic cities.

The results will set off a shockwave not only in Virginia — and possibly New Jersey — but across the country’s political landscape. The big swing that drove Youngkin’s victory is a foreboding sign for Democrats as they prepare to try to hold slim majorities in both the House and the Senate in the midterms. Seven states President Joe Biden won by smaller margins than Virginia will also hold governor’s races next year.

Jersey hasn’t been called (and probably won’t be for a while).

The key takeaway from Virginia is that Republicans are now going to go back into believing they can overcome voter fraud by just voting harder.

Glenn Youngkin is an establishment Republican, and he isn’t going to do anything.

When Mike Pompeo says you represent “American values,” I know you’re a worthless human being, and probably some kind of cannibal or severe sex pervert.

This is also going to invigorate the left, to make them cheat harder in the 2022 elections.

I wrote of potential upsides yesterday, but I also said that Democrat fraud would be a better outcome than them allowing a win.

It’s a win for the culture wars. But just totally symbolic. Because he’s not going to do anything. Maybe he’ll say you can’t say white people are born evil or whatever, or that you can’t beat up parents whose daughters were raped by trannies.

Maybe Youngkin is planning on going full Ron DeSantis. I don’t know, but I doubt it. He’s wasn’t a politician. He was an executive at the Carlyle Group, haha. He’s basically a Ted Cruz style war and Wall Street Republican.

But yeah – Joe Biden is much more unpopular than the media is letting on. The whole “but at least he’s not Donald Trump though” strategy has stopped working, because they banned Trump from everything after they screwed up and didn’t do enough mail fraud and made the election theft too obvious.

No one can support the Democrat Party in any positive way – they can only do it because they hate white people, heterosexuality, or the Chinese.