Young Greeks Supporting Golden Dawn for Racial Reasons

Daily Slave
October 22, 2014

Young people are supporting Golden Dawn because of racial reasons which is a good sign for the future.

A new study has shown that youth who voted for Golden Dawn in 2012 did so mainly out of an ideological conviction surrounding the concept of race and national identity, rather than economic concerns.

This shows once again that people are not going to sit around and let their cultures be destroyed by a bunch of maniacal Jews.

The more the Jew-run establishment in Greece tries to clamp down on the Golden Dawn, the more support they are going to get.  I personally believe that it was a stupid move to label them a criminal organization while arresting its leadership under ridiculous and dubious circumstances.  It is destined to blow up in their face.


Conducted by researchers at the Panteion University, the study also found that the level of identification among Golden Dawn’s young voters with its aims was higher than for youth who backed other parties. These voters generally view Golden Dawn as a “nationalist party”, rejecting as “despicable” its description as “fascist” or “neonazi” even though they recognise that there are ideological affinities between it and fascism.For them, Golden Dawn is a “patriotic-nationalist” party, which “puts the Greeks above everything else”. The almost total identification with the party’s “nationalist” ideology, expressed through the pride these young voters feel as Greeks pride, stems from the belief that Greeks are superior to other people historically and culturally.

“When we had civilisation, others were living in trees,” one male voter aged 24 told the researchers, repeating a phrase often found in Golden Dawn’s “theoretical” texts.

In the June 2012 elections, Golden Dawn was the second most popular party in the 18–34 age group.

Whereas we can bicker endlessly about the possible value (or lack thereof) of most of the various nationalist organizations in Europe, no one can doubt the Golden Dawn. They are the real deal.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.