You’ll Never Guess Who is Taking the Frontline Role in Thailand’s Color Revolution

It just… it just never ends.

New York Times:

As tens of thousands of people have gathered for a series of pro-democracy protests in Thailand in recent weeks, their ranks have been dominated by an emerging political force: young women.

Many of the earliest and most vocal organizers of the rallies have been female students. At recent protests, women appeared to make up the majority of participants, too.

While the demonstrations are aimed at urging Thailand’s old guard to embrace new ideas, they have also addressed concerns that often don’t make it to the national stage. Many of them are specific to women, including abortion, taxes on menstrual products and school rules that force girls to conform to an outdated version of femininity.

Most of all, women are increasingly speaking out against a patriarchy that has long controlled the military, the monarchy and the Buddhist monkhood, Thailand’s most powerful institutions. They have joined a broader range of voices calling for greater say in a country where democracy has been in retreat, though the challenges for women remain steep even within the protest movement.

“The monarchy and the military have all the power in Thailand,” said Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul, one of a core of female students who have galvanized the political opposition. “I shouldn’t be afraid to say that men have almost all the power in Thailand.”

If you’re picturing that Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul might look like this:

Then you would be wrong.

She looks like this:

These are YET AGAIN fat, ugly women, who were educated in Western schools, who are being used YET AGAIN by the CIA to overthrow a government that the West believes is standing in the way of the globalist agenda.

Look at that horrible bitch’s sausage-like fingers.

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I am so exhausted by this bullshit, you guys.

I just… I just can’t hardly even take it anymore.

They are going to go through at sonic speed and flip every remaining independent nation to the globalist system, and the goyim are going to sit here watching it, saying, “oh wow, I guess those people really need more democracy, look at that totally organic street protest which is totally not the same as all of the other street protests we’re seeing across the planet at the same time.”